Planting the Seed

Planting.  That’s what I’ve done this Spring Break.

Well, first there was the pulling of all weeds in the boxes that run along the fence.  Then there was planting.

Well, before planting I had to  figure out what to plant.  Or rather, what to plant that would survive.  My backyard borders get full sun and there’s not a sprinkler system.  Except for me.  I’m the sprinkler but usually a month in I forget to water.  Correction.  Stop watering.  Big difference.

But I was sick of looking at my sad backyard so I needed to do something and went to the experts.  Typing “plants for full sun that don’t need to be watered” in Google images spit out flowers, plants and garden ideas and I thought, I can do this.  So off to the Depot I went.

Home Depot, that is.  I found what I needed to get started (walking past any annuals or flowers that would never last a week in the backyard void of water) and loaded my cart.

The borders in my backyard run the entire length of the fence (about  60 feet) so I started with a few small sections.  Laying out the plants, moving them around so they looked visually appealing, figuring out the spacing, etc.  I got to digging.

The next day I made a second trip to Home Depot to work on more sections and then a third trip today to buy the rest of the plants and finish my project.  And now my little garden is complete.

Planting a garden is kind of like training for a race.

You plan.  You plot.  You lay it out and see what it looks like, factoring in what you need to do and how you are going to be successful.  It’s also important to look at the plan and break it down into manageable sections.  Sure a 16 week plan seems like a lot but with some planning, patience, and digging in, you’ll have success.

That and water.  Plants and humans need water!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


Building Heat

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s your next 5 days of plank exercises.  Nothing earth shattering, we’re just adding time and, well time.

So here’s the deal with these planks and this challenge.  The time and sets are guidelines.   If you are struggling with 20 seconds it’s fine.  Stay there for a few more days.

In  a plank you are engaging every muscle in your body to prevent you from crashing to the ground.   That’s a lot for your  core to manage.  So take it easy.  You’re doing great!

On the flip side.  I know some of you are able to hold a plank longer than the time allotted.  Again, think guidelines.  But before you start on your double-digit plank take a workout or two and make sure your form is clean.

You’re pressing away, lifting, light on your toes, your hips are lifted but your tush is down.  You’re gazing softly to the edge or your mat and pressing your heels away from your body.  Think stretching, elongating, pulling.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




This and That

Continuing Ed

In late June I’ll be heading to San Diego to attend to the IDEA World Convention.     It’s like I’m going home to the Mother Ship – 4 days of everything fitness; seminars, lectures, workshops, workouts, equipment testing, social media, class programming, etc., etc., and etc.  I’ve signed up for 10 sessions and wish I could clone myself because there’s so much more I want to do.

Continuing Education is important for our industry.  And while one doesn’t have to re-boot their program every month, it’s smart to stay on top of trends and adapt to the changing landscape.  Remember taking a slide class?  With the booties?  It was hot.  Then it was not.  Now it’s back; or rather a refreshed version is.  Using the slide more for interval training instead of the traditional aerobic version that some of us recall.   So see, things change.

I like to research and learn new trends and fitness modalities.  I can’t always apply them within my class since we’re outside and on the go, but I like to try and tweak things and make it manageable for what we do at 5:30 am.   I’ve signed up for body-weight sessions, boot-camp sessions, HIIT sessions as well as some other classes that I think will add a lot to my program.  I can’t wait!

Plank Challenge

Speaking of sharing – how’s everyone doing with the 20 Day Plank Challenge?  We’re on Day 4 – Side Planks for 30 seconds each side; up to 3 rounds.  Not so bad, right?  Hang in there – tomorrow is a rest day so take a break off your wrists and we’ll get back to it on Wednesday!

Here’s the challenge if you’ve missed the first few days and need to catch up.


Why Not?

There are 3 days left to get your name into the hat for the New York City Marathon lottery.   I ran this race in 2006 and 2008 and is at the top of my list for great marathons!   The energy.  The people.  The boroughs.  It’s amazing.  And it’s a hard race to get into.  There’s not a time goal like Boston.   Here’s how it gets broken down.

The Elite get an invite, others (celebrities, politicos, high profile people) get invites, there’s fundraising for one of the charities  involved with the group and if you live in the NY area and complete 10 or so races with the NYRR (New York Road Runners club) you can get an entry.  (I’m not sure it’s that easy but that’s what a runner told me one year).    The rest of us sign up for a chance in the lottery.

Runners are notified by April so that gives you 6 months to train.  And to book your flight and hotel.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

The Plank Challenge Begins

Welcome to the 20 Day Plank Challenge!  Yep, we’re all about the core.

Here’s the plan.

We’ll be rotating between 5 plank variations for the Challenge, with the goal of hitting front, sides and the deep trunk muscles.

This Challenge is structured for various levels.  To add to the intensity, you’ll increase your hold time,  repetitions, or set counts.  I strongly encourage you to go at your own pace.  If you’re finding something is too much for what your body is able to do, back off.   On the flip side, if something is too easy push yourself.   Let’s take the next 20 days and really work hard.

Below you’ll see how to do a plank.  If you need help or aren’t sure you’re doing it right, drop me a note.

Plank Challenge Workout – Day 1

  • Get into a Plank (either on your hands or forearms)
  • Hold for 20 seconds.
  • Come down to rest on your knees for a few seconds.
  • Beginners can stop here.
  • Otherwise repeat this for a total of 3 rounds.

Here’s how to do a plank.

  1. Start face down on the ground, place your hands on either side of your chest, fingers pointing forward
  2. Gently pull your shoulders away from your ears and bring your elbows tight to your body
  3. Curl your toes under and squeeze your legs, and tush so that your knees come off the floor
  4. Pull your belly in tight, inhale and on the exhalation press up into a high plank
  5. Press your feet, knees and thighs together
  6. Keep your shoulders down away from your ears and engage your shoulder blades so they are slightly pulling toward each other
  7. Continue to lift your front body to meet your back body, extend through your heels 

See you tomorrow.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




Plank Challenge Anyone?

I think we need a challenge.  I also think a 20 day plank challenge is the ticket.  Even if you’ve done one of the challenges before and are thinking “C’mon Keli, get creative already”, I’m going to bet you a nickle that unless you’re in a structured class you’re not consistently doing a plank.

Planks are a beneficial exercise that helps build core strength, upper body strength, improves balance and contributes to overall bad-assery.

Let’s kick it off on Friday, Feb 9th and it will run for 20 days, ending on February 28th.  Sound good?  Awesome!

Share this with your peeps, check back in 2 days and be ready to roll.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Happy 2018

Happy New Year Friends!

Today, instead of banging out a goal setting or go get-em article I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.  I hope you are able to spend it with people you love, who are important to you and who love you back unconditionally.

I’ll be getting out later for my annual New Year’s Day run, then will head to the beach with my son and husband.  My daughter is coming home from a trip with some friends so I’ll give her a huge hug later and we’ll have dinner together.   It will be a great start to what I know (hope and pray) will be a good year.

Now I’m going to grab my coffee, curl up in my chair with a blanket and my notepad.  It’s Monday morning, and as Hopper says, “mornings are for coffee and contemplation”.  #strangerthings

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



T-Minus 4 Days

The Holiday Hustle.    Here’s how it works.  

  •  Subscribe to the blog to get the workouts daily.
  • If you need structure, print out the 25 day calendar and check off the days as you go along.

 Click here for a copy of the full 25 day challenge.  

  • Always warm up prior to beginning.
  • Check with a doctor if this is your first time at the rodeo.
  • Miss a day?  No big whoop, just double up on another day.
  • At the end of the 25 days it’s Christmas.  You did it.  Congrats.  No prizes, just bragging rights.