The Final Week

Our 20 Day Plank Challenge is coming to a close. If you haven't had a chance to keep up or get started, never fear!  Visit the Challenge Page of the blog and you can download the workouts.   Now go run! Keli 🙂


T-Minus 4 Days

The Holiday Hustle.    Here's how it works.    Subscribe to the blog to get the workouts daily. If you need structure, print out the 25 day calendar and check off the days as you go along.  Click here for a copy of the full 25 day challenge.   Always warm up prior to beginning. Check with a doctor …

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In Balance

I try to incorporate balance training into my classes often because it's as important and cardiovascular conditioning, developing strength and flexibility.  And as we age, having good balance will become even more beneficial.  Ouch, that aging thing again. Trips, falls, dropping things, bumping into tables,chairs, etc. are all by-products of bad balance.  Some of the …

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