Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner!

Start your Thanksgiving Day off on the right foot by checking out a local Turkey Trot in your area.  Most races are short (either a 5k or 10K), start early enough so you can get your workout done and still have time to cook, and provide a relief from visiting relatives!  It’s a triple win!

The San Francisco bay area has a wide variety of Thanksgiving Day races to choose from.  Visit SF Gate ( to find one near you!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



Why You Should Run With People

Running is a completely solo sport.  Unlike tennis, you don’t have to find a partner.  You don’t need to coordinate a “pick up game” like basketball.  You don’t need to organize a league, a team or wrangle your kids to play or practice with you.   All that is required is the desire to go for a run.  Simple.

There is, however, something fantastic about running with others.  Whether it be a large group or just a few moms from the neighborhood.  You will be less likely to blow off a run if you know that someone is waiting for you at the corner and you might push yourself that much harder to make it up the hill.

I run with a group twice a week, every week.   It’s great knowing that someone will be there for a run, even if they are faster or slower than I am.  As a group we start out together, separate as we settle in to our pace.  No matter the pace we all wait for each other at the end.  We are a group and we want to see each other finish.

I have a few friends here and there that I run with.  Again, I am accountable to be there as are they.  It makes getting up the ridge that much easier knowing Kim is right with me and it’s nice to have Lisa to chat with as we make our way around the lagoon.

Here are a few local Bay Area running clubs to check out.

PacWest Athletics

Tamalpa Runners

SF Road Runners Club

The YMCA in Marin also has a marathon training program as well as a weekday run.  Their website is

To find other runners in your neighborhood or at work, consider sending out an email to people you think would be interested, post a flyer in the break room or just spread the word that you’re looking for a running partner, or more.

Whether you are looking for a posse of rabbits or just another slow and steady pal to run with, get the word out and see how much fun running with others can be.

Now go run!