Say Hey to your Core

Back in the day, 6-pack abs was the goal.  Now it's all about the core baby. Many people think the core is just the front of your abdominals.  You know,  the ones you can see if you possess a 6 pack.  In fact, the core is a network of muscles located around the lower spine, …

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Rolling out the Newsletter

I've been working on an idea for a newsletter for a while and finally rolled it out last month to a small group of people.  It got positive reviews so I'm going to expand my reach to a larger audience.  Tag!  You're It!  (To read the April newsletter, click here) But don't worry, I'm not …

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The 2017 Holiday Hustle is Coming!

Stay focused and on point throughout the holidays by joining the 2nd Annual Holiday Hustle. Here's how it works: It's a 25 day challenge starting December 1st. Each workout is between 8-20 minutes long with a few rest days thrown in. Explanations of all workouts will be provided as well as a complete calendar at …

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