HIIT Benefits

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are short but intense (and effective) workouts that provide HUGE health benefits.   The key is to hit it hard and strong (with great form); this is not a steady-state, low heart rate activity.  You’ll definitely break a sweat.

HIIT workouts include the following types of exercises, including (but not limited to):

  • body weight movements;
  • power lifting;
  • plyometrics;
  • sprints;
  • playground activities, such as sled pushes and pulls;
  • multiple-mode training, on equipment such as cycle ergometers, treadmills and ellipticals; and
  • heavy rope drills.

Here’s a bit of science to back up the metabolic effectiveness claims, courtesy of the Idea Health & Fitness Assn.  You you can click here for the full report.


Now go run!

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Training through injury

I have been teaching my boot camp classes for a while.  Long enough that I’ve taught people with existing injuries or dealing with a new injury that’s due to an automobile accident, a misstep off the front porch, overuse from running or other intense activities or the byproduct of aging.

Unless they are restricted by their doctor, I encourage my students to come to class even if they have an injury so they can maintain consistency and routine.  The caveat is that we’ll modify and amend their routine to accommodate their limits.   I know that my students have the trust to know that their safety and well-being are important to me.

You can (and probably should) train if you have an injury.  However, please note that your doctor should always be consulted for something out of the ordinary.  Sharp or sudden pains, continued aches and pains or worsening of pains.

Odds are that even with a diagnosed injury, your doctor will give you clearance to exercise but will also restrict your activity.  This is when it’s a good time to consult a professional trainer (http://www.ideafit.com/) who can help you get a proper workout without exacerbating your injury.  Or worse, create a new one!

Now go run!

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