Move It Monday

Happy Monday!  We are in the final week of our Holiday Hustle 25 Day Challenge!  It’s a busy week at my house so I reckon you may be feeling pinched for time as well. Luckily this workout is only 10 minutes!

The takeaway is that no matter how busy you get, you can always find time to exercise.  Even 10 minutes is better than nothing.

  • Spiderman Cross Climbers – 10 repetitions
  • Prisoner Squats – 10 repetitions
  • Pushups – 10 repetitions
  • Jumping Jacks – 10 repetitions
  • Plank – 30 seconds

 Repeat this circuit as many times you can in 10 minutes.  Try to eliminate or minimize any breaks between exercises.

How to do the exercises

Spiderman Cross Climbers

  1. Hold yourself in the “up” position of a pushup, hands under our slightly in front of your shoulders, fingers spread, apart, pointing forward.
  2. Press your feet, knees and thighs together.
  3. Draw your shoulders down away from your ears and engage your shoulder blades so they are slightly pulling toward each other.
  4. Lift your belly up nice and tight, pulling your belly button toward your spine.
  5. From this position, lift your right foot off the ground and bring your knee across your body towards your left shoulder.
  6. Press leg back to start position and repeat on the left side – moving quickly.
  7. A left and a right is 1 repetition.

Prisoner Squats

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart, hands behind your head, interlace your fingers, elbows out wide, and keep your shoulders away from your ears.
  2. Engage your upper back muscles and keep your head and chin lifted – staring straight ahead (do not drop your chin).
  3. Keeping your weight in your heels, press your tush back as you squat down as low as is comfortable.
  4. Using your thighs (not your knees) press back up into standing and squeeze your tush at the very top (this will help activate and strengthen your tush).
  5. Repeat


  1. Get into your high plank position with your hands just outside of your chest, above the mid line of your chest.
  2. Press your feet and legs together.
  3. With a flat back, release down, trying to get your chest towards the ground as far as you can.
  4. Exhale as you push back up.
  5. Repeat

Tips:      Keep your gaze about 4-6 inches above your hands- this keeps your neck neutral

Jumping Jacks

  1. Stand with your feet together and hands at your side
  2. Jump your legs apart wide as you bring your arms out to the side and above your head
  3. Repeat


  1. Hold yourself in the “up” position of a pushup, hands under our slightly in front of your shoulders, fingers spread, apart, pointing forward
  2. Press your feet, knees and thighs together
  3. Draw your shoulders down away from your ears and engage your shoulder blades so they are slightly pulling toward each other
  4. Lift your belly up nice and tight, pulling your belly button toward your spine
  5. Breathe – Hold position

 Remember, you only have to work hard for ten minutes then off you go about your day.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂











Five is Fine

And the fun continues.  Week 5 is a wrap.  Here’s an update.

The Plan

Hello hill repeats and the first double digit long run.  I don’t mind hills and am not particularly fast on hills.  I’m built like a cabbage farmer’s wife from the old country so my short strong legs come in handy.   My specs for the hill repeat workout was finding one at a 6-8% grade where I could run 60 to 75 seconds up and then easy back down.  I mistakenly thought my goal as 8-10 so I did 10.  Looking back on my plan I was only supposed to do 6 to 8.  So call me an overachiever.

The funny things about hill repeats is that the more you do them, the easier they get.  There is usually a part where you are working up that hill and you just want to stop.  Your lungs and legs might be burning and you think, yep, I’m walking.  But if you dig in and push through that really uncomfortable few seconds you will come out of it and be able to finish the hill.  You just have to get out of your head.  Shake out the doubt, anxiety and yes, discomfort and go for it.  You’ll never be disappointed.

In addition to hill repeats this week, I had a 10-14 mile run.  My longest run on the plan so far was 9 miles so I thought a 12 mile run would be wise.  I’m glad I opted for the shorter route.  It had had been a busy week and I was tired.  It was also warmer than I expected and that always freaks me out a bit.  I don’t like running in warm weather.

The route I planned for Sunday was over the Golden Gate Bridge down to the water, along Chrissy Field to the Marina Green, up and over to Aquatic Park and along past Pier 39 and then back.  Some good hills, some nice long flat miles and a good finish over the bridge.  Overall it was a great run; the pacing was good but I did take a few bathroom breaks and stopped to take in beans and water at mile 6.  Next week I have 2 long runs so I’m going to try and manage that a bit better.

Here’s what my week looked like.

Scheduled Workout


Easy Run             30-45 minutes

Off or X-Train or 30 minute easy run
Easy run, 6-8 repeats at 60-75 seconds, easy run
Off or X-train Off or 30 minute easy run Long Run             10-14 miles
Total Miles
Goal Pace   9:32 to 10:29  9:32 to 10:29
9:32 to 10:29 for easy run, 5K pace for hill repeats
  9:32 to 10:29 9:35 to 10:52
Distance   4.61 miles
3.39 miles 5.5 miles
x-train 3.27 miles
12.0 miles
Actual Pace   9:47  8:52 10:03   9:11 9:37  

The Food

I’m happy with how the food is working out.  The challenge I have is that a few times a week my kids play sports and we don’t get home until much later than usual.  Twice a week there’s soccer practice until 7pm and twice a week there’s volleyball games that finish close to 8pm.  I threw some crock pot meals together so there was food when we got home but it has not been ideal.  It’s a work in progress.

My main focus this week was to get my hydration in check.  Water, La Croix sparkly water, electrolytes, more water with a pinch of salt added for better absorption.  Repeat.  I tend to front load my water then it slips off the radar by the end of the day.  I was much better with evenly drinking throughout the day.

Yoga/Stretching and Body Work

I do intensive stretching in the morning and after a run or at night.  I spend a lot of time on my back rolling on a foam roller, LAX ball or softball,  I also spend time in a couch stretch or a deep squat.  None of it feels “good” as I’m in the midst of the stretches.  No joke.  But I notice that I’m not popping Advil for aches and pains as I’d done in the past and after a long run or hills that I did this past week, I’m not sore.

I still enjoy Yoga and try to fit that in a few times a week.   It’s something that has had to be cut back on just due to my current commitments.

Ok  did I miss anything?  Naps.  I need them daily.  And coffee.  I have a cup every afternoon at 4pm.  You can set a clock by it.

Week 6 starts today and I’m happy for a “rest” day.  I have 2 long runs this week, one for 10 miles on Thursday and one for 12-16 on Sunday.  Deep breath.  I’ve got this.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Focus. Drive. Dedication.

motivationHappy Tuesday!  Today we tackle our second workout of the week!

Warm Up – 30 seconds each exercise 2 times through.

March in place  / High Knees / Speed Bags / Arm Circles


Workout   –  Do 3 rounds; do each move for 30 seconds.  Move quickly between exercises.  Rest if needed.

Skater Lunges – Move side to side, hopping and reaching for your opposite foot with your hand.   Keep your front knee in line with your front foot, and your rear foot sweeps back to line up with your front foot – – keep your chest upright.

MOD:  Slow down and/or do reverse curtsy lunges and  hold onto a wall or chair for balance.

Alternating Hand Push-Ups – Start in a high plank with your hands staggered (one in normal position, the other lower or higher).  Alternate hand positions each time you press up – do this move slow and controlled.

MOD:  Drop down to your knees.

Jumping Jacks

Bear Crawls – Start in a tabletop position (all fours)  BUT  hover your knees above the floor, your weight on your toes.  From this hover position, take your right knee to your left elbow, replace to start (keep your knee off the ground) and switch sides.  Alternate for time.  Keep your hips low and your core.

 MOD:  Do slow cross body mountain climbers or stand and do standing cross crunches.

Lateral Jumps – Jump across your mat – light on your feet, keeping your weight back, land softly, chest lifting, use your arms for momentum.

 MOD:  Step and squat.  Eliminate the jump. 

Crab Dips –  Sit on the floor with your knees bent, heels on the floor (toes up)  and your hands on the ground under your shoulders with elbows bent – fingers facing towards your tush.  With abs engaged straighten your arms, squeeze at the top.  Release and lower yourself back to the ground, bending your elbows as you touch the ground.  Once your tush touches the ground, immediately straighten your arms again

MOD:  Hold a reverse plank.

Work hard.  Stay strong.  You’ve got this!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂