How to Eat an Elephant

If you want to do anything;  lose 25 pounds, cut out sugar, eat more fruits and veggies, you have to break the big goal down into smaller goals.  If those are still too much to handle, smaller still.

I mean, let’s look at Michael Phelps.  Even though the guy has a hundred gold medals, you know he had a specific training plan to execute befor he hopped onto the water to race that shark, right?

Same goes for us normal people.  Sure, you need to think ‘big picture’ to clarify and plot your goal.  But then you need to get out of your head and focus on the daily.  Or even smaller, meal by meal.  It makes any task way more manageable.

So how do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Now go run!

Keli 😎


Rah Rah

If you want to see me giddy like a little kid at Christmas all you need to do is tell me you want to do some kind of endurance event, a race, have set a goal, or are working on a challenge.

My little brain starts spinning, I perk up and I want to know what you’re doing, what your plan is and then of course I want to help.  As you go along with your training I want to hear about your progress, offer unsolicited advice (ha ha) and provide as much support and encouragement to you as I can.

Because having a goal or setting your mind to complete a challenge or a fitness event is a big deal.  It takes dedication, some sacrifice, grit and the ability to push past any doubts you may have. That’s a lot.

But here’s the thing.  I know you can do it.   So I’m here for you.

Call it coaching.  Call it support.  Call it whatever.  Just be sure to call me when you need someone in your corner with a pep talk, need a training tweak, or a buddy to run alongside you on a 15 mile run.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Reach Your Goal By Being a Do-er

yoda-do-or-do-notYou won’t reach your goals by trying.  Sorry, that’s harsh.  You can try and reach your goals but if you only try, you’ll fail. Better?

The truth is, you need to actively and with purpose do something every day, every hour or even every minute that supports your reaching your goal.  Whatever your goal may be.

In other words my young Padawan, you need to be a do-er.  Or a doer.  (Grammarians, help me out here.)  Think about other things in your life.  You don’t “try” to brush your teeth in the morning, you just do it.  You don’t “try” and go to work, you haul your tush out of bed and go to work.

If your goal is to get up at 5:15 am so you can make it to that awesome boot-camp class that “everyone” is talking about, you need to prepare the night before by setting your alarm, letting the troops know that you’ll be leaving early and Dad’s in charge of getting everyone up and fed.  When your alarm goes off you need to get up out of bed (not surprisingly this is where the pedal meets the metal) and get your sleepy body out the door to class.

See how many steps were involved?

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds (remember Goal Setting 101?  Have a concrete goal.) You need to create an environment that will support healthier eating, less dining out, less chances for slips.  You need to make sure that your darling husband doesn’t bring you a heart-shaped box filled with Scotchmallows at Valentine’s Day (even though you expressly told him that you didn’t want candy on this particular day – sorry, touchy subject).  You also need to have a Plan B if you go off the rails and a back-up plan for that and a back-up plan for your back-up plan.

Again, multiple steps to achieve your goal.

Sure this takes some work and some planning but having some steps in place so you can reach your goal is worth the effort now.   And wouldn’t it be nice to actually reach your goal and move on to something else instead of always trying for the same thing?

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Back to School!

My daughter starts school on Tuesday.  We’ve had a fun summer but unfortunately didn’t get to half of the things I really wanted to do.  Without a schedule to adhere to our entire family loses it’s focus and we are what can be best described as “floppy”.  Should we go here?  There? Nowhere?  Should we take a day trip today, tomorrow or never?  With too many choices we become apathetic.

However, now that sweaters and long pants are all that’s available at Macy’s it’s time to get back on track, back in the saddle and get re-acquainted with structure.   That not only means the kids’ schedules, but mine as well!

You also might be feeling the effects of “back to school” yourself.  And I don’t mean buying new school supplies at Staples.  Here are some tips to get yourself back on track!  Remember, bathing suit season runs until October and it’s only a few short months until Memorial Day!

Set a goal

Whether it’s a race, a size or other tangible goal write it down.

Take steps to make your goal reachable

If you want to get in shape, schedule your workouts, if it’s healthy eating, fill your fridge with healthy foods.  Whatever your goal is, make sure you  are doing what you can to reach it!

Go Public

When I train for a race I usually tell one, two or fifty people what I’m doing.  I know I’d rather move away than have to tell people I dropped out of training!

Be The End Result

Huh?  Here’s the deal.  If you want to lose 10 pounds, act or rather EAT as if you are a person who has lost 10 pounds and are wearing those great jeans that show off your killer assets.  If you are that person and you go out to dinner, are you going to order the Fettuccine Alfredo, Caesar salad and dessert? I’m betting no.  You want to maintain all you worked hard for so you are going to take care of yourself.  I know it’s “out there” but think about it and give it a shot.

If you are having a problem getting back on track try one or more of the tips above.  Be sure to let me know how it’s going.

Now go run!