Vacay the Plant-Based Way

I just returned from a 4 day camping trip at the lake.  I love camping.  We water ski, tube, swim, hang out with friends and are able to unplug and relax.  Then there’s the food;  BBQing chickenor steak for dinner, dogs for lunch, eggs and bacon for breakfast, cheese and crackers to nibble…

Oh right.  That was last year.  After committing to a plant-based lifestyle earlier this year I had to completely re-think my camping strategy.  Because I not only had to feed myself but had to feed the family, who are NOT plant-based, as well.

So I did what I do best.  Planned it out and cooked most of the food at home to be heated up at the campsite.  And I kept it very simple because camping when it’s over 100 degrees doesn’t lend itself to standing over the stove or bbq.

  • Ground turkey tacos for the family, crumbled tofu for me.  I made each the same way; taco seasoning, canned green chilis, crushed tomatoes, a few chipotle peppers in adobo sauce for a kick.  That was one dinner, maybe a lunch.
  • A huge batch of brown rice for the tacos.
  • Refried beans that I made earlier in the week.
  • Chicken apple sausages for the family.  Vegan burgers for me.
  • Salad fixings.
  • Sandwich fixings.
  • Bread for sandwiches, taco shells for tacos.
  • Pasta noodles for Jack.
  • Soba noodles with spicy peanut sauce for Brad and myself.  This would go over a salad.  Enough for dinner and lunch.
  • Cereal for me and the family, eggs for Brad.
  • I also grilled up 2 large pans of mushrooms, onions, peppers and sliced zucchini.  I thought this would be great on sliced baguettes for either lunch or dinner with avocado.
  • Chips, crackers, hummus, salsa, guacamole, nuts, raisins, etc.

So how did it go?  We all know that planning and the application can be two very different things.

We did have to do some food re-org for Jack so after at trip into town to the market we were set.  And we had one dinner disaster on the second night.  I made beans and rice and corn but it was hot outside and I just threw it all together in a pot so it looked and tasted like what I imagine prison food would be.

But other than that, all was good in the camping hood.

So what about the meat?  The bbq?  The lovely and delicious smells wafting from my friend’s campsites?  It smelled divine, let me tell you.

But what I’ve found at 118 days into this, is that even if something smells good, like a steak from over at Dave’s campsite,  I don’t have a desire to eat it. I have other very tasty options that make me feel good and that I really enjoy.  (Except for that crappy mush that I made the second night.  Bleh.)

So overall I consider my camping trip a success.  I mean, thank goodness that Lagunitas IPA is made from plants or else this would be a different post altogether.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



The 3 R’s of Fitness – Rest. Relax. Recharge.

I just returned from a 4 day camping trip to New Hogan Reservoir with my family and a bunch of friends.  I think we topped out at 45 people.   It’s only a 2 and a half hour drive away but when we get there it feels as far from home as you can get.  We live in bathing suits, sunscreen and dirt the entire time.  Once we set up our camp and launch the boat we spend most of our time dragging the kids behind us on the inner tube, hopping in the water to cool off or grabbing another adult to spot us as we water ski.

When not on the water we are sitting on chairs under the EZ-Ups near the water’s edge.  The kids fish or play in the water and we adults hang out to chat, visit and completely relax.  Every now and then someone will take a Jet Ski out for a ride or hop on a friend’s boat to take another gaggle of kids out on the water.   It’s a perfect break from the day to day minutiae of chores and tasks.  Our main goal is to relax and enjoy ourselves and our kids.

As a rule I bring my workout clothes with me but frankly I don’t use them.  I take these days to completely recharge my batteries.  I enjoy the perks of all the work I’ve done because walking up the big hill from the beach to our campsite doesn’t wind me nor does water skiing hurt my body like it would if I wasn’t active.   These are the benefits that I work so hard for.  These little milestones that make me proud of the hard work I do.

We’re heading back to New Hogan soon and I will bring my running shoes and shorts as always but I expect they’ll come home as clean as I packed them.  And that’s ok!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Notes On Camping

I’m back in the saddle after spending 6 days camping at New Hogan Resevoir (it’s about 30 miles East of Lodi to save you the time to Google).  At last count, there were about 50 people at the campsite.   This is our second year as family campers and I have to say we’ve got the system down pat.
Awesome air mattresses?  Check.  Earplugs?  Check.  Big tent?  Check.  Camp stove?  Check.  Camping Kitchen?  Check.

Wait, you don’t have one?  This baby is the must-have for all of you tent campers out there.  It’s a table that extends and flips up to hold utensils and block the wind.  Mine is extra fancy because it has a sink AND when you close the top you can play backgammon or chess/checkers on the top.  I know, we rock!!

We took the boat and logged many hours a day dragging the kids and their friends around the lake our the inner tube.   We went through a bottle of spray sunscreen a day, two cases of water and all of the salads I’d pre-made.

We got home yesterday afternoon, all of us exhausted and dirty  – what else can you ask for?

This week I’m back to the running and bootcamping.  More to follow…

Now go run!