Keli’s Super Fun Super Bowl Fun Run – III

Keli’s Super Fun Super Bowl Fun Run is back. And it’s free.  That’s right.  No registration fee.  No processing fee.  No parking fee.  Granted, there won’t be medals, awards or crowd support but the view is sublime! And did I mention it’s free?

When:  Super Bowl Sunday (February 4th for those of you who could care less about football)

Start time:  8:30 am

Location:  Blackie’s Pasture in Tiburon (101 south, exit at CA-131 E/Tiburon Blvd, go left at the light and continue for a mile and a half, turn right at Greenwood Beach Rd into the parking lot.) 

Details:  I’ll map out a 5 mile and 7 mile option.  Shorter options also available.  Walker, runners, kids, babes in strollers welcome.  It’s a VERY friendly route for all levels.

So let’s get this party started!  Share with your friends, the more the merrier.  Email me with questions.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


A Good For You Tip

I drink warm lemon water almost every morning while I wait for my coffee.  Who knew I was totally en pointe with an Ayurvedic practice?!

Courtesy of Yoga Journal.  “The Ayurvedic philosophy believes the first item you ingest sets the mood for the remainder of the day. With that thought in mind, drink a glass of lukewarm water flavored with a fresh slice of lemon or lime. Here, the Ayurvedic reasoning is twofold. The warm water serves to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and peristalsis—the waves of muscle contractions within the intestinal walls that keep things moving. Secondly, lemons and limes are high in minerals and vitamins and help loosen ama, or toxins, in the digestive tract.”

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


Sleep for a Healthy Body


Sleep is a good thing.   Lack of sleep, is not.

One of the most common reasons I’m given by people who miss boot-camp on any given day is that they have been having sleep difficulty.  Sure, I know that they could be feeding me a line, but hey, I’m an optimist 🙂

I suffer from sleep problems off and on.  Sometimes I wake up after a few hours and am up until 2:00am before being able to fall back asleep.  Or I can’t fall asleep until after midnight.  Sometimes I wake up at 3:00am and my brain goes into hyperdrive and I’m up.  I try to take naps if I can in the afternoon to play catch up.   And then there’s coffee.  Always coffee.  I put a hard stop on coffee after 4:30pm so it’s not a caffeine-thing.  In case you were wondering.

While I’m not a big fan of sleep aids I have taken slow-release Melatonin which has worked and also a homeopathic remedy, but I have to remember to take it early.  I won’t take anything after 9:00pm because I worry that when the alarm goes off at 4:00am it will feel like a truck hit me.  Those boot-camp classes are hard to teach with sleep meds coursing through your veins.

I think I’ve shared that I often do my meditating at night.  To help me unwind enough to sleep I look for those that focus on relaxation, calming or has “melting” in the description.    I lay down, open the podcast and off I go.  Sometimes I doze off  and when it’s over I either turn it off and fall asleep or sometimes the episodes keep rolling.  But even if I wake up to turn off the podcast, I’m able to use the techniques to quickly fall back asleep.  If I wake up at any time during the night, I use the visualization to get back to sleep.  My favorite guided meditation podcast is Meditation Minis by Chel Hamilton.  She’s on iTunes and her stuff is free.

Easy yoga is also a good way to relax and prepare for slumber.  My gal Adriene, over at Yoga with Adriene has short practices that can help you get into sleepy-mode.  Check her out at  While you’re there, look into her 30 day TRUE series that she’s offering.  I’m on Day 10 and am loving it.

Recently I’ve also found this really nifty podcast called Sleep with Silk.  There are  a variety of podcasts they offer to help you sleep and I choose the Soothing Voices podcasts.  Basically it’s people with very soothing and comforting voices reading a story, providing a guided sleep meditation (my fav is ‘Take a Nap’) or even chanting.  The only tricky part is figuring out the earbuds while I’m laying down but I have some DIY idea I’m going to try that include a flat pair of earbuds and an old Lululemon headband.   You can also find them on iTunes.  And their shorter versions are free.

I know that I’m not alone in this so share your tips, tricks and strategies.  And please, try and get some zzzz’s.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂






So I’m active on Social Media.  Facebook mostly but I also dabble in the Twitterverse.  I have an Instagram account but I’m very quiet on it.

These platforms provide a chance to stay in touch with friends,  and family both locally and far away and get a current view into their lives.   Plus I can post oh, so motivating quotes, share my latest run, invite people to hit the trails with me and post recipes.  And pictures of me, my kids, my cats, etc.  Yeah, I’m that person.

We all know that it’s not all unicorns and rainbows.  People sometimes communicate in ways that we may not appreciate or post things that we don’t agree with.  Plus there’s the whole FOMO thing, that’s totally real.

While my usual postings won’t change (workouts, kids, cats, etc.) I am utilizing Social Media differently.   I’m following more groups and organizations that I have interest in.  I belong to a  business development group, a Yoga group, a few Plant-based groups, one Vegan fitness group, a boot-camp training group and some others.

These groups are nice because there are guidelines for posting; posts need to be relevant, beneficial to others, you can’t brazenly push your product or services, and most importantly you have to be courteous.  I find a lot of resources, tips and strategies.  Plus when I post a comment or share a recipe or a great run I just had I don’t worry that people are rolling their virtual eyes at me.   And sometimes sharing something really personal to a private group is easier than sharing it to your “friends”.

But that’s not to say all groups are good.  I belonged to one that discussed the Real Housewives on Bravo.  (Don’t judge me.)  It was fun at first because people were commenting on what I think when I watch the shows in my pjs at 4:15am.   I quickly realized that these folks were just mean, had waaay too much time on their hands, and one guy kept calling the Housewives b’s and c’s.  Eek! Cue the quick getaway.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not living my life virtually, but if I’m spending some downtime on FB why not make it a bit more beneficial than watching kitty videos?  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So instead of shutting down your Social Media accounts because you’ve had enough maybe try to find some groups that have something you’re interested in and see how it will change your feed for the better.  Or you can just block people.  That works too.

Now go run!  (not virtually because that’s not a thing).

Keli 🙂

Eat Your Greens

Last January I posted Scared Straight which talked about my December 2016 Netflix binge-watching of health documentaries.  (You can read the article here. )  In early March, as many of you have read, I pulled the trigger and challenged myself to eating a mostly plant-based diet for 30 days.  It’s now January 3rd and I’m on day 307.  So I guess you could say it was a successful 30 day challenge.

It’s not been a hard transition, but there have been bumps and challenges.   Luckily many cookbooks abound, there are a lot of podcasts, blogs and Facebook groups dedicated to this type of eating.  It’s been helpful to have resources, places to go to have questions answered and get recipe ideas.   I think I picked a good year to adopt this way of eating.  It’s becoming more acceptable, more mainstream and, well, less weird.

There are a few things that make transitioning to this way of eating easier.  Here are some tips that you should know ahead of time.

  1.  Find an Expert.    Read the research and do some homework to figure out if this makes sense for you.  Some of the Gold Standards in the industry are Dr. Esselstyn’s research (, Dr. Neal Barnard (, Dr. Greger (  Check out Forks over Knives too (
  2. Find a Plan.  You can do this on your own but why re-invent the wheel?  Forks over Knives has a good plan, the No-Meat Athlete as well as Rich Roll all have planners and info to help beginners.  Just a caveat, I like to follow athletes that are plant-based because of the energy requirements for endurance sports.  Your needs may vary.
  3. Find Your Way to the Interwebs.  If you’re on Facebook type “plant-based eating” into the search bar and watch the recommendations pop up.  Not everyone will be your cup of tea but you can definitely get some great resources.
  4. Find People Who Cook Yummy-Looking Things.  Here are my favorites.  The Buddhist Chef, Oh She Glows, The Beaming Baker, BOSH!The Engine 2 Cookbook, Vegan with a Vengeance and VegNews (magazine).

So you’ve checked it out and still not ready to take the plunge?  Or maybe you just need to know what you can implement right now that will improve your nutrition but won’t require a complete  overhaul?  Or you have no desire to cut out meat or dairy but want to eat a little better?

If you do NOTHING else,  eat more greens, veggies and fruits.   What’s more? Double or even triple the amount you’re currently eating.  Fresh or frozen greens, veggies and fruits are nutrient dense, full of fiber and water and are low in calories.  You get a big bang for your buck.  So to speak.

Questions? Need more info?  Let me know.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




Happy 2018

Happy New Year Friends!

Today, instead of banging out a goal setting or go get-em article I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.  I hope you are able to spend it with people you love, who are important to you and who love you back unconditionally.

I’ll be getting out later for my annual New Year’s Day run, then will head to the beach with my son and husband.  My daughter is coming home from a trip with some friends so I’ll give her a huge hug later and we’ll have dinner together.   It will be a great start to what I know (hope and pray) will be a good year.

Now I’m going to grab my coffee, curl up in my chair with a blanket and my notepad.  It’s Monday morning, and as Hopper says, “mornings are for coffee and contemplation”.  #strangerthings

Now go run!

Keli 🙂