Sit Down, Stand Up, Turn Yourself Around

Can you come to a standing position from a chair without using your hands or arms to push yourself up?  Go ahead, try it...we'll wait. Ok, now try to sit down in your chair, again without using your hands or arms for support or balance. As I say in my boot-camp class, that was great …

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Food Is Good Medicine

I mostly read magazines with an eye of education and takeaways.  Recipes, suggestions, exercises, etc.  I rip them out, tag 'em with a post-it and set them aside.  Workouts go in the binder, recipes near the cookbooks, blog ideas in a folder. Last weekend I was given the summer issue of "The Ultimate Superfoods" from …

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IDEA World Convention Wrap Up

In late June I attended the IDEA World Convention in San Diego.  Thousands of club and studio owners, group instructors, personal trainers, health coaches, wellness coaches, yoga and pilates and barre instructors descended on San Diego for this enormous event. The convention was overwhelming to this first-timer.  There were classes, workshops, lectures and Q&A sessions …

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