Taking Care of Business

runing pottiesSo I’m a runner.  And for you other runners out there you know the importance of taking care of your business before a run.  Specifically your bathroom business.

You get up, have your coffee, sit down and sometimes something and sometimes nothing happens.  Regardless, you are meeting friends and have to get going.  So you meet your running pals, start out, get down the street and up a hill and turn the corner when you feel it.  Gurgle.  It will stop you dead in your tracks. And you realize you have to get back to your house or car.  Quickly.  As someone recently said, the run back is the longest run ever.  🙂

Runners talk about poop more than any other athletes I know.  I have a group of friends I’ve been running with for years and before every race we discuss who went, who couldn’t go, if we have to go again and a full discussion on where to stop if one still hadn’t been successful in their mission.  Let’s face it, running ain’t for sissies.

Why do we talk about it?  Because if you haven’t gone before a run or a race, odds are you will have to stop and take care of it during.  Our bodies are funny that way; the ‘go’ often happens with movement.  And no one wants to step into a hot porta-potty and poop mid race.  Contrary to the Charmin commercial, you won’t ‘enjoy the go’ at mile 9 of a half-marathon.

Here are tricks and tips to help you prepare for your next run.

  1.  Easy on the salad.  If you are having problems with “intestinal distress” during your run, it’s best to have your salad and roughage at lunch instead of at your evening meal.  You’ll have something to get the party started but it should move along quickly.
  2. Stick with easily digestible foods.  I learned the hard way on a marathon that french bread dipped in a garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar wasn’t a very smart.  (I was only able to finish the race by running from one porta-potty to the next).
  3. Drink water.  Water is great for helping keep things flowing smoothly.  If you are dehydrated, stuff gets a little dry and can be difficult to eliminate.
  4. Coffee works, in moderation. It’s a diuretic so go easy but a few cups pre-run, in my opinion, is a miracle worker.
  5. Move.  Do some light stretching or easy yoga to get your body moving.  Some twists and knee to chests can be useful.

If you have to run with a full tank, be smart and stick to a loop or an out and back where you have access to a bathroom or two along the way.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




July Accountability Challenge

We are wrapping up our July Accountability Challenge!  Unlike specific, workout challenges this one was self-administered.  Set a goal for yourself and track your results and let me know how you did at the end of the month. Easy peasy.  It’s summer after all so simple is sometimes better.

Don’t forget to share your accomplishments with me once the challenge is over!

My Accountability Challenge was to do yoga every day in July.  I run and do boot-camp so I couldn’t drop anything to add the yoga into my schedule so I just made room for a 15-45 minute practice.  Some days it was easier than others, for sure.

trezToday is July 27th and once I knock out my practice for the day I’ll have completed 27 out of 27 days.  Three more to go.

On vacation I was able to follow along to videos on my iPad and a few days I relied on memory and created my own 10-15 minute flow.  I am sure the true Yogis out there would be mortified at what I cobbled together but I figured something is better than nothing, even if it was 10 minutes of sun salutations.

Worth noting –  instead of going to classes at a studio I  hit the Internet and OnDemand by Xfinity as my resources.  I knew I couldn’t commit to a set class schedule so I had to be a DIYer 🙂

Online I found classes from Yoga JournalDo Yoga with Me, Cody Online Workouts (I purchased a workout bundle about a year ago that included yoga classes), and Yoga with Adriene  on YouTube.  She’s quirky and I like her.  The Internet is a treasure trove of workouts, you can do single poses and even find a stretching routine you can do in bed.

OnDemand has a ton of workouts.  Julie Montagu (I first saw her on Bravo’s Ladies of London) is a yoga teacher who is working with Grokker and MindBodyGreen and I enjoyed her free class through OnDemand.  Caveat – this class is the last class of her 30 day series and she moves quickly and has some advanced moves.

You can also  subscribe to yoga channels via OnDemand for about $7 to $9 per month but there are a variety of free classes you can try.

I experimented and checked out different  classes; yoga classes for runners, some for twists and bends and some restorative practices.  I also did one class with a teacher who was very flowy with his arms and moved like a bird.  I surmised that if I was standing next to him I’d have smelled patchouli oil, pot and a touch of burning sage.  But no judgement.

The reason I decided to do yoga is that while my running and boot-camp classes are great for fitness and strength I was starting to feel the effects of the pounding and intensity of my workouts.  I needed something to unwind me, for lack of a better description.

And what I’ve found is that taking time to building my foundation through various poses; making sure the heels are grounded, using all four corners of the feet, stretching through the index and second finger, reaching through the crown of my head, extending and connecting with my breath,etc. is the most important part of the practice.  In a nutshell, if your foundation is shit your body won’t be able to properly perform the poses.

Throughout the process this past month I’ve learned more about my body and what it can do. And can’t do.  But it’s (deep breath) ok.

Overall I am more flexible and stronger and have been able to go deeper into poses.  Most days. Some days not so much.   I have also discovered that my right side, tip to tail, is way more locked up than my left.  This would be a good time to meet with Dr. Ron for his magical chiropractic touch!

So once the challenge is over I plan to continue with my yoga practice.  Hot yoga is out of the question (I hate the heat) but I may venture into a studio a few times to check it out and see what I’ve been missing.   Namaste.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


The Olympics are Coming!

rioI’m an Olympic geek.  I always watch a lot of the games, no matter what the competition, match or race. I love Bob Costas (though the last winter games he had this gross eye infection that was a bit distracting) and LOVE the athlete profiles.  I usually have to force myself to go to bed at night because coverage just keeps going.  Luckily when I wake up at 4ish in the morning I can catch what I missed the night before.  I told you.  Geek.

The reason I love the Olympics is probably why you love them too.  I am inspired and awed by the level of commitment and dedication that these young men and women devote to perfecting their performance, physique and mindset to becoming an Olympian.

Winners and losers of the games are usually separated by only a few seconds.  And no matter if they get to stand on a podium and feel the heavy weight of an Olympic medal around their neck, they still sacrificed, spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to get to Rio.

And I can’t wait to watch it.  I better start clearing space on my DVR!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


Training Countdown

My marathon training program kicks off in a few weeks.

I signed up for the McMillan Running Program and picked a 16-week training plan for the CIM in December.  It’s a pace-oriented plan that will, quite frankly, push me out of my comfort zone and if all goes well will make me a more fit and faster runner.

The challenge for me is that while I’m comfortable with distance, I’m not comfortable with speed and pacing.  My normal runs are 4, 6 or 8 miles at pretty much the same pace. Adding speed work and the other components of the training will require me to be a little more precise about my runs and I also have to plot out an extra day or two of running.

After some research and recommendations I selected this program because it offered a wide variety of plans for all levels of runners and I like their approach and the support that’s offered.  Right now I’ve jumped on to one of their maintenance plans to keep me on track prior to my official plan kicking off on August 15 kicks in.  I’m looking forward to the weekly plans and where it will take me.

So stay tuned for updates and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


Brain Fart

I get most of my writing inspiration when I run and last week I had some great content flowing. So good that I kept reminding myself to write something down, even the topic so I’d be able to remember my brilliance.  After my run I did some yoga and completely forgot that I was supposed to write anything down.  Grrr…

But I do know I wanted to talk about our Accountability Challenge.  We all start off with great intentions; exercise 4 or 5 days each week; run 20 minutes every day; make it to boot-camp three times a week; perfect the plank.  But life happens and maybe you’re 5 days in but haven’t actually started on your challenge.  Been there.  Done that.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to start now.  Yes, right now.  So what if t’s 8pm and you aren’t able to go for a run or hit the gym.  All you need to do is get out your trusty calendar and identify the days you’re going to workout.   And then create a little check off list so you can mark off the days as you go.

IMG_5074Or you can get super creative and all Pinteresty. For this challenge I numbered 31 post it notes and stuck them along my computer monitor.  After each yoga workout I rip one off.

It’s a constant visual reminder and it’s inspiring to see that I’m making a dent in my goal.   (And as you can see to the left, it’s very high tech).

So create a chart, put gold stars in your calendar, make 31 little post it flags. Whatever works for you.  And start now.  You’ve got this!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂