Make Sunday a Fun Run Day

Sunday mornings are a great time for a run.  Most likely you are a bit more relaxed, don't have the hustle and bustle of kid's schedules or work and may not feel as pressed for time. I like to slow down the pace, ditch my watch and run someplace that doesn't involve my neighborhood or …

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No Missed Workouts

Not able to get out of the house before work, kiddie-camp carpool or loads of laundry?  It happens. But right now, take a look at your day and find a 10 to 20 minute block to do something.  Anything.  A walk.  A swim.  Playing tag with the kids.  An obstacle course at the park.  Run …

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Try This

I'm fundamentally opposed to strict diets, fasts, pills, potions, extreme exercising.  I think that too much restriction causes mental fatigue (read:  loss of motivation, focus on the end result, etc.) and can be counterproductive in the long run. However.  I know that sometimes one needs a jump start.  A kick in the pants.  Time to …

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