Plank-A-Day Challenge – The Final Day

Today is the final day of our Plank-A-Day Challenge.

Remember back on Day 1 when I had you do a perfect plank?  And I asked you to record how long you held the plank and how it felt?

I’d like you to dig out that little post-it or scrap of paper or note that you jotted on that little app on your iPhone.  Keep it close because today we are going to do it again.

The PERFECT plank

  • Get into a high (on your hands) or low (on your forearms) plank position.
  • Keep your spine straight; this means keeping your hips lifted, abs engaged all while keeping your tush down.
  • Hold this position as long as you can – once you cannot maintain a PERFECT plank position you are out – no dipping of the hips toward the ground, no pressing back to rest your shoulders, no hiking the hips up high.
  • Record 2 things; how long you held a PERFECT plank and how it felt (example, 45 seconds / shaking and sweating at the end, 2 minutes but then I had to stop and stretch my arms, 30 seconds/collapsed in a heap)
  • Compare how you did today versus how you did 30 days ago.

I’d wager that if you participated in this Challenge fully you will have achieved a significantly longer hold time and it was much easier.

I’d even take it further and bet that if you were only able to do the plank poses 4 or 5 days a week, you will have achieved a longer hold time and it was easier.

Yay you!  You’re awesome!  a2bcd9aa503da30b4390d121c7a43d2e

So now that the Challenge is over, it would be a darn shame to let that newly-acquired core strength and conditioning go to waste.  So promise me that you will partake in at least one plank or plank variation every other day.

Until our next Challenge…

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



Plank-A-Day Challenge – Day 29

Here we are, 2 days to go on our 30 day plank challenge!   Today we are going to help lift the tush (because no-one deserves a saggy butt) and help tone your core!

Elbow Plank With Donkey Kick  donkey

  • Begin in low plank, with elbows directly under shoulders, abs engaged toward the spine.
  • Don’t let the pelvis sag down or pop up.
  • Lift left leg off the ground, bending your knee so the sole of your foot is toward the ceiling. Keep pelvis square to the floor. Don’t let your pelvis twist.
  • Press your left heel toward the ceiling as high as you can without moving your pelvis or lower back. NOTE:  The motion will not be huge but rather concentrated on the booty and hamstring.
  • Lower the bent leg slightly, and repeat for a total of 15-20 repetitions
  • Switch sides.
  • Do two sets on each leg.

To take it to a Level 1:

Stay in a high plank vs. the low plank OR cut the reps to 10-25.  You can’t have it both ways today.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Plank-A-Day Challenge  – Day 28 

No pre-amble today, let’s just get’er done!

Two-Point Plank






  • Start in a high plank.
  • Scoot your right leg slightly toward your center line, and lift your left leg off the ground so your heel is even with your pelvis.
  • Keeping your torso steady, reach your right arm forward.
  • Really brace through the abs by pulling your navel to your spine.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • Keeping your torso stable, bring your right elbow to your left knee under your body.
  • Keep your back flat, hips square to the ground and your pelvis down.
  • Now, here’s the kicker – reach the arm and leg out and away from each other. This counts as one rep.

Do three sets of five to seven reps on each side.

Need to take this to a Level 1?  Skip the crunch movement and keep your arms and legs extended for 30 seconds before switching legs.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Plank-A-Day Challenge – Day 27

Hello to the final stretch!  No matter how many days you have been with us on the challenge you can make the last 4 days count!

Plank with Leg Raise

  • Start in a high or low plank position.
  • Keep your spine straight and press your feet and thighs together.
  • Brace your upper body and keeping your hips square the the ground.
  • Lift one leg off the ground.
  • Ensure core is engaged to provide support and avoid straining the lower back.
  • Hold for 1 minute and repeat with other leg raised.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Plank-A-Day Challenge – Day 26

Here’s a little bit about today’s plank – the Side Plank Touch.  Holding a side plank on the elbow requires you to support your body weight on your forearm and the side of one foot.

Core strength is needed to keep your hips from sinking toward the floor. When performing this exercise, pay attention to good form. Keep your shoulders, hips, knees and feet in one straight diagonal line, and make sure your neck and head continue the line of your spine.

Ok – here’s how to perform the exercise:

  • Start on your left side in a side plank position with your right elbow below your shoulder and your body in a straight line from head to heels.
  • Without letting your hips sag, twist your torso as you bring your right elbow towards your left elbow.
  • Return to start
  • Repeat the exercise for the number of reps assigned then switch to the other side.

Perform this exercise for 15 repetitions on each side.
Rest 10 seconds then repeat (for a total of 2 times each side)

To take this down to a Level 1 you can try the following:

1. Drop your knee to the ground and support your body weight
2. Hold a side plank without the twist

Have a great Friday!

Now go run!
Keli 🙂

Plank-A-Day Challenge – Day 25

25 days in and it’s time to inch our way to our progress report!  Let’s go back to a previous plank variation and see how it feels this time around.


Inchworm to Dolphin Plank

  • Start in a standing position.
  • Hinge at the waist – try and keep your legs as straight as possible.
  • Walk your hands out in front of you until you are in a plank.
  • Press your hips up high so you are in a pike position.
  • Squeeze your abs and you pill your hips back down to a plank.
  • Walk your hands back to your feet – try and keep your legs straight.
  • Come back to standing.

Perform this exercise 45 seconds, rest 10 seconds, repeat for another 45 seconds.

To take this down to a Level 1 please drop the time from 45 seconds to 30.

Now go run!
Keli 🙂

Plank-A-Day Challenge – Day 24

Throwback, um Wednesday!  Enjoy a previous plank from about 8 days ago.

Alternating Reach and Rear Leg Lift Plank

  • Start in a high or low plank.
  • Press your feet, knees, and thighs together.
  • Draw your shoulders down away from your ears and engage your shoulder blades so they are slightly pulling toward each other.
  • Lift your belly up nice and tight and keep a nice long spine.
  • From this position extend your left arm straight out (palm facing in) as you lift your right leg up off the ground, toes pointing behind you.
  • Hold then replace your arm under you, drop your leg back to the ground.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Alternate reaching for 45 seconds.
  • Rest
  • Repeat for 45 seconds.

Form notes:

  1. When you extend your arm, keep your hand and arm at or below shoulder height.
  2. Don’t “throw” your arm out to the extension, think slowly lifting and reaching.
  3. Lift your leg as high as you can while maintaining good form.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂