October Challenge

Now that summer is officially over, the kids have been back in school for a bit and the cooler weather is (or should) be rolling in it’s time to kick off our month-long October Challenge.

Why an October challenge?

Starting with Halloween, we roll through a Fun Sized month of sugar (show of hands, who already has purchased and eaten Halloween candy already??) only to drop right into Thanksgiving with it’s nationally-sanctioned day of gluttony, right into a plate of Christmas treats and egg nog.  Christmas is only 1 day but the celebrating, as we all know, goes on for weeks!

And if you celebrate the Jewish Holidays, you’ve already rolled through your break fast and Sukkot and before you know it you have Halloween then Hanukkah starting the day before Thanksgiving.  Then, lucky you, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you are faced with all of the food and temptations that come along with it!

And that, boys and girls is why we have to arm ourselves for the warfare of the upcoming holidays.  Saying ‘no’ to treats and stuff you don’t care for or don’t want is one way to prevent your own post-holiday spread.  Another is to get into a habit of consistent exercise.

Some people fall of the wagon with exercise because they decide they “don’t feel like it” one day.  Then one day becomes two and so on.  By committing to exercise every day for the next 31 days (and not allowing yourself a way out), you are creating a new habit, a new pattern of health that will help with your future motivation.

So here’s the deal.  Plan to do some form of exercise for at least 20 minutes every day this month.  It could be yoga, Zumba, running, walking, boot camp classes, strength training, hiking or walking the dog.

We are NOT counting housework, gardening or any of those other activities.  Sure, those are good ways to stay active but the focus on this challenge is to commit to some kind of formal exercise.

I created a tracker to use for my boot camp class (who is also participating in this challenge).  I’ll add it to the forms section of this website so you can download and print it out and track your workouts.

You also should plan to reward for yourself at the end of the month.  Buy a new pair of shoes, some new workout clothes or take a day just to relax with a book and a cozy comforter (tell your family that you’re sick you so you aren’t disturbed).  But make sure you take the extra step for the reward, it will motivate you when you are feeling less than inspired.

Please report back to me on how your challenge is going and good luck!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




As the Sun Rises

happy-sunshineI like to head out on my Tuesday and Thursday morning runs about 20-30 minutes before the sun rises.  It’s dark when I get outside and when I’m up and over the hill and crossing the main road the sky is starting to turn lighter at the horizon and I can see the slight hint of sun starting to rise.

By the time I finish my 4.2 mile loop the sun is up the world is coming alive.  Older kids are standing at the corners waiting for a bus or a ride to take them to high school.  Moms are power walking with friends or strolling around a fussy baby.  Dogs are being walked (or pushed in strollers but don’t get me started on those Pomeranians) and the day has officially begun.

I get to welcome the dawn of a new day and I love it.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Trail Run Musings

I love running on trails, it’s a lovely break from my weekday neighborhood runs.  This past Sunday I had an opportunity to run at one of my favorite places, Phoenix Lake in Ross.

It’s one of the few places that I know there will be other runners, walkers or bikers out there so I feel safe running solo.  I turned off my music and enjoyed nature and was perfectly content with my thoughts.

Here are some of my musings from my run.

1.  Mountain bikers talk about a lot of odd things. One nugget I gleaned from a set of bikers was that Welch’s grape juice was created by a dentist in the 1800’s.    (I googled it and sadly the bikers were wrong, it was invented by a minister who disapproved of alcohol.  But I’m sure it was a lively biking conversation for a few more minutes)

2.  Speaking of mountain bikers, it looks a lot harder to pedal up a steep hill than it feels to run one.

3.  Runners should smile more.  Here we are on this gorgeous trail and there were not very many happy runners.

4.  The trails are quiet at 7:15am on a Sunday morning.

5. People who run with dogs should make sure a) the dog can keep up with them and b) that they can keep up with their dogs.

6.  Speaking of dogs, please pick up the poop when you run/walk or hike with your canine companion.

7.  If you are not comfortable running alone, find a group and stay about 50 feet back.  You’ll look like you’re with them but just a slower runner.

8.  If it’s sunny out, wear a hat or sunglasses or both.

9.  I did not know that there were  houses on the ridge above Phoenix Lake.  The lesson being that I should stop and admire the beauty more often.

10.  I love to run.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


When the wheels on the bus come flying off..

I recently ran into a friend who had been training for a full Ironman event.  We chatted for a minute to catch up and of course I asked him about his training for the race.  He confessed that he’d decided that he was not going to be able to do the race due to some nagging injuries.

We talked about his decision not to do the race and how hard it is to cancel or drop out of an event.  I totally empathize because when the wheels come off your training and you realize you are not going to be able to do a race it can be very demoralizing.

I’ve had to cancel 2 races this summer due to some training injuries (mine) and a broken ankle (my husband).  I have a half marathon planned in early October but due to some serious health issues (my father) I’ve not been able to train as I normally would.  But I’m still running and still getting out there.

Because when life throws you a curve ball you still have to find a way to hit it out of the park.  I guess that’s the take away for anyone who is facing a setback with training, exercising or eating well.  Assess the situation, regroup and take a step forward.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂