Let there be light!

While running, walking, biking or even skipping in the dark, common sense tells you to hold a flashlight or wear a headlamp that will illuminate your path so you don’t trip or hit a pothole.  Now let’s use a little “Keli sense” to light up your backside.  Here’s why.

When you are walking,running , or biking with traffic, as most people do,  drivers cannot see you in the dark until they are almost upon you.  By adding some light in the rear, drivers will be able to see you from afar.

But don’t just rely on the itty bitty reflective bits on your running shoes.  They are not enough and drivers will not be looking at the ground – they need to see your body lit up like a Christmas tree from about 100 yards away.

To light up your backside you can use a blinking bike light clipped to your shorts, you can wear a vest that has reflective straps or even mark a big “X” on your jacket with reflective tape.

Trust me – you want to be seen.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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