Long Runs – A Love Story

I love long runs.

A long run is a chance to think, reflect, get lost in the pure beauty of running.  It is also a chance to rock out to some wicked cool music (circa late 80’s or mid 90’s) and see the sights.

A long run provides excitement (can I beat the guy pushing the baby jogger?), envy (I too, someday will wear such short running shorts), and longing (I want whatever they are cooking that smells so good in that house over there)!

A long run with a friend can provide a very long therapy session, problem solving and general goofiness that only a long run can produce.  While solo you are able to let your mind flow as only it can do when you let down your guard.  Sometimes if on a particularly long solo run, it’s kind of fun to stop yourself in mid thought and try and trace back to how you started thinking about honeybees.  Try it sometime, it’s a fun exercise.

A long run proves that you are not just a slogger or a jogger.  Even if you have no one to prove it to but yourself.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


2 thoughts on “Long Runs – A Love Story

  1. Karen Neuhaus

    Keli –

    I did my longest run to date…8 miles. I could have gone longer but I didn’t want to overdo it. Prior to this run I think six was my max.

    Just getting ready for the Laguna Beach 1/2 marathon.



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