Group Endeavors

I love doing group training classes.  The energy and noise from the group provides great feedback to what I’m doing and most importantly how effective the exercises are.

  • Grunts: a good indicator of the difficulty level of an exercise
  • Sighs:  a not so favorite exercise has been introduced
  • Chit chat:  not challenging enough
  • Heavy breathing: everyone is working hard

As a professional it’s important that I listen to my clients, provide sound, safe activities that will help them reach their goals.   I want people to like the workout, the group-dynamic and want to come back, week after week.

Ultimately though I’m responsible for making the workout challenging.   So while I hear the sighs and the chit chat, it’s the heavy-breathing and  grunts that are music to my ears.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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