Intensity + Persistence = Results

Want to lose weight, get stronger, run farther, run faster, eat better, or feel better?  Well lucky for you I have a simple equation to help you reach those goals.

Intensity + Persistence = Results


You should be exercising at a level that pushes your body to work harder.  Doing cardiovascular activity your breathing should be increased, you should be perspiring and you should not be able to carry on a conversation for long.  Your fitness level dictates what kind of activity will get you to this level.  Some of you may get there with a brisk walk while for others you have to be running to get to this level.  Regardless of the activity make sure you are meeting the intensity criteria.  Honestly, if you are walking with your girlfriendsand are easily chatting the whole time you are not working hard enough.


You cannot undue years of being sedentary or that extra 40 pounds in a week or even a month.  There is no miracle cure and no quick fix, contrary to the Beach Body or Nutrisystem ads you see on TV.  It takes  commitment and the persistence to stick with a program.  More importantly, if you find yourself straying from your fitness or healthy eating program, you need to be able to pull yourself back on track.  Finding a coach, a like-minded friend or an online community to help support you on your journey is very important.

Put this equation to work and let me know how it’s going.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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