3 Top Holiday Gifts

Contrary to what the shopping centers and malls would have you believe, there are some gifts that can’t be bought, wrapped, or gussied up with a pretty bow!  This may be bad news for commerce but good news to you and yours!  Here is a list of my top 3 gifts you can give yourself and your family this holiday season!

1.  A Tricked-out Ticker

You can’t find that on ebay!  Cardiovascular (aerobic) activity keeps our heart muscles strong by forcing it to pump faster and in turn increases the flow of healthy, oxygenated blood to our body.  At rest, a healthy heart pumps slower resulting in a lower resting heart rate and this is a good thing.  Need I say more?

2.  Super Duper Bone Desnity-Intensifier

Bones are porous and without proper care can become weak and brittle over time.    Increasing your calcium intake and incorporating weight bearing exercises will put you on the road to strong bones in no time.  Walking, running, and strength training will force the bones to become stronger as they adapt to the load and stress placed on them which in turn will make for a healthier body!   Broken hips be gone!

3. Mood-Enhancing Miracle Worker

I don’t know one person who finished a workout in a worse mood than when they started.   Arguing kids, dirty laundry, work catastrophes all melt away as you bring that heart rate up and get moving.  Now while your problems won’t magically disappear, trust me when I tell you that exercising opens up the pathways (uh-oh,  yes I went there) and allows you to work through problems or situations.  Sure therapy can do the same thing but exercise is much cheaper!

So good luck with your shopping and don’t forget to place these top 3 things at the top of your list!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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