Under the Cover of Darkness

As I sit here and wait for a sliver of daylight so I can go for my morning run it’s as good a time as any to provide my top 3 tips for safe dark running.

1.  Ditch the dark colors.  While black may be slimming it can also be most dangerous if you are running on a dark road.  Wear light colors with lots of reflective parts.  Think “radioactive” and “glowing” as you select your wardrobe for that early morning or evening run.

2.  Let there be light.  Grab a flashlight, a headlamp or attach a flashing bike light to the waistband of your shorts.   You not only want to be seen by drivers or bike riders, you want to see cracks in the cement, a curb or a bush that’s overgrown along a path.

3.  If you have to run alone (ladies I’m talking to you) bring a cell phone and run in populated areas.  Dark o’clock is not the time to run the lonely path out to the reservoir or country road.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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