Happy Birthday Jack!

I’d like to wish my Jack a Happy 6th Birthday!  Every Mom needs a little guy like Jack in her life.  He tells me I’m the prettiest, nicest and bestest Mom in the whole world.

He’s my shopping pal, helps me remember what’s on my grocery list, my lunch companion (or was before kindergarten mucked up our day), the bane of his sister’s existence and I love him with my whole heart!

Happy Birthday Jack!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


Wake up from the food coma!

The Thanksgiving food hurricane cut a huge swath across the country last week and through the weekend.   For many Americans Thanksgiving kicks off not only the holiday season but the holiday eating season.  Many will not wake up from the food coma until January 3rd laying among the empty See’s boxes and danish cookie tins.    Sadly, some people have spent the last year or more in their food coma.


If your Thanksgiving (and weekend) was filled with mounds of potatoes, slabs of pie and gallons of egg nog it’s time to wipe away the crumbs and get back on track.   Getting back on track doesn’t mean it’s time for a juice fast or a trip to Jenny Craig.  Here are some simple steps you can take to get off the gravy train (pun intended)!

Trim Your Fridge

It’s time for the purge – get rid of the unhealthy holiday foods that are still in the fridge and cupboards, for that matter.  If you don’t have the heart to throw perfectly good food away, figure out a way to re-purpose it or combine it with healthier foods.  I have extra mashed potatoes in my fridge so I’m combining them with plain mashed sweet potatoes.   If you have leftover turkey you can make a white meat turkey pot pie topped with the potatoes.  Be sure to add lots of great veggies to the dish to increase the health quotient.  If you don’t like to cook or can’t think of anything healthy to do with the food, toss it and move on.  No guilt.

Eat Your Veggies

Time to stock up on fresh and frozen fruits and veggies.  Add veggies to soups, roast a cauliflower to go with your pasta, chicken or fish and eat fruit as a snack, top your cereal with berries or top your salad with a sliced Honeycrisp apple.  YUM!


Listen, I preach this stuff daily.  Here’s the deal – get your butt into a pair of running shorts, your yoga pants or whatever you prefer and move.  Tae Bo in your living room, Zumba at the gym, Downward Dog with your pals, run a trail, walk the big hill in your neighborhood, lift weights or take an outdoor fitness class!   Do this at least 3 or 4 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Find Another Way

Even the most disciplined cookie can crumble with the first tin of Danish Cookies or a batch of homemade fudge.  Cookies and fudge are not bad.  You are not bad for eating cookies or fudge.  The problem comes when you are having “a moment” and dive into the cookies and fudge because you are sad, under stress, are relaxing in front of the tv or at a party with friends.  Before you get to that point, take a few minutes and load up your Ipad or Kindle with some fun reading material, stock up on trashy magazines or get your Christmas card assembly line set up and ready to go.  Have your friends on speed dial or your walking shoes near the front door.  Bottom line – get your mind re-occupied.

Let today be the first day of your new holiday plan.  Enjoy your holidays, enjoy spending time with friends but also respect and take pride in your body by treating it right!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Intensity + Persistence = Results

Want to lose weight, get stronger, run farther, run faster, eat better, or feel better?  Well lucky for you I have a simple equation to help you reach those goals.

Intensity + Persistence = Results


You should be exercising at a level that pushes your body to work harder.  Doing cardiovascular activity your breathing should be increased, you should be perspiring and you should not be able to carry on a conversation for long.  Your fitness level dictates what kind of activity will get you to this level.  Some of you may get there with a brisk walk while for others you have to be running to get to this level.  Regardless of the activity make sure you are meeting the intensity criteria.  Honestly, if you are walking with your girlfriendsand are easily chatting the whole time you are not working hard enough.


You cannot undue years of being sedentary or that extra 40 pounds in a week or even a month.  There is no miracle cure and no quick fix, contrary to the Beach Body or Nutrisystem ads you see on TV.  It takes  commitment and the persistence to stick with a program.  More importantly, if you find yourself straying from your fitness or healthy eating program, you need to be able to pull yourself back on track.  Finding a coach, a like-minded friend or an online community to help support you on your journey is very important.

Put this equation to work and let me know how it’s going.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


3 Top Holiday Gifts

Contrary to what the shopping centers and malls would have you believe, there are some gifts that can’t be bought, wrapped, or gussied up with a pretty bow!  This may be bad news for commerce but good news to you and yours!  Here is a list of my top 3 gifts you can give yourself and your family this holiday season!

1.  A Tricked-out Ticker

You can’t find that on ebay!  Cardiovascular (aerobic) activity keeps our heart muscles strong by forcing it to pump faster and in turn increases the flow of healthy, oxygenated blood to our body.  At rest, a healthy heart pumps slower resulting in a lower resting heart rate and this is a good thing.  Need I say more?

2.  Super Duper Bone Desnity-Intensifier

Bones are porous and without proper care can become weak and brittle over time.    Increasing your calcium intake and incorporating weight bearing exercises will put you on the road to strong bones in no time.  Walking, running, and strength training will force the bones to become stronger as they adapt to the load and stress placed on them which in turn will make for a healthier body!   Broken hips be gone!

3. Mood-Enhancing Miracle Worker

I don’t know one person who finished a workout in a worse mood than when they started.   Arguing kids, dirty laundry, work catastrophes all melt away as you bring that heart rate up and get moving.  Now while your problems won’t magically disappear, trust me when I tell you that exercising opens up the pathways (uh-oh,  yes I went there) and allows you to work through problems or situations.  Sure therapy can do the same thing but exercise is much cheaper!

So good luck with your shopping and don’t forget to place these top 3 things at the top of your list!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



Some words of wisdom to take you into the weekend, courtesy of Runner’s World.

I realize that I have been blessed with health and strength to overcome not only the miles on the road, but also to overcome the hard times in life when you want to throw in the towel. When I cross the line now, it is a celebration of the fact that I didn’t quit.

Tasya Lacy, U.S. Navy Human Resources Officer

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner!

Start your Thanksgiving Day off on the right foot by checking out a local Turkey Trot in your area.  Most races are short (either a 5k or 10K), start early enough so you can get your workout done and still have time to cook, and provide a relief from visiting relatives!  It’s a triple win!

The San Francisco bay area has a wide variety of Thanksgiving Day races to choose from.  Visit SF Gate (http://events.sfgate.com/san-francisco-ca/events/turkey+trot) to find one near you!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂