Finding the strength within

Summoning your inner strength is necessary when training for and participating in an endurance event.  It may come at mile 20 where you have to dig deep, focus on the end goal and shut out the screaming signals that your body and brain are sending you.  It may come during a triathlon when you have swam, biked and have to finish one final leg before you can call it a day.    You can decide not to summon that inner strength and just quit but the mental toll (coulda, shoulda, woulda) that quitting takes is a beast to live with.

For those of you who accidentally stumbled across this page after googling “breakfast or Marin”  and have no desire or burning need to participate in an endurance event, you too can benefit from summoning that inner warrior.   We are all faced with challenges, big or small, whether a difficult marriage or an extra 30 pounds.  What you need to know is that we ALL have more power, strength and chutzpah than we give ourselves credit for or even thought possible.  I believe in you.

So dig deep today, my friends, dig deep.  You can do it.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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