Seeing Pink

I don’t think of myself as a “girly girl” but I love pink and I gravitate to things that sparkle and shine.  I wonder if I am a misplaced Real Housewife of New Jersey by mistake.  Well, without the back biting, general nastiness and 20-room house.   So maybe not a RH of NJ but maybe a toddler.   However, I digress.

Back in the day my running attire consisted of black shorts a black sports bra (never white for obvious reasons) and a white running shirt.  Sometimes I’d branch out with a light blue running shirt.  I know, color me crazy.

I (happily) have evolved from the “gray days’ into a kaleidoscope.   I enjoy mixing my bright blue shorts with a hot pink top.  Top that with my bright purple visor and I am ready to rock it.  Again, like a toddler dressing herself I prefer to NOT match. It’s more interesting and fun to wear my running clothes any which way.   I just recently purchase a three pack of neon running socks from Road Runner Sports (click here) to complete the ensemble.   I thought that would be my wildest, craziest purchase.  But I was wrong.

Exhibit A.  My brand new bright pink running shoes.  I have truly ventured into running geek-dome with the purchase and overwhelming LOVE I have for these shoes.  They are the Nike ZOOM (and for those who think they can’t wear Nike, you have to give these a try) and are to die for.

I pronate (which means my ankle rolls outward) and have a problem with metatarsal pain (when the foot strikes on the pad of the foot it irritates a nerve that runs to my second and third toe) so finding the right shoe is really important.  Now even though I love a nice looking shoe, it has be right for my foot and thankfully the ZOOM does the trick.  As I looked online for a new pair and I saw these pink beauties at I bought them in a flash and got them 2 days later.

They make my feet happy and I am happy when I look down at my feet.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

P.S.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so get your “girls” checked out.   Maybe even make that appointment today!


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