A Little Rain Won’t Hurt

I went out for a quick run yesterday morning and about halfway through the clouds released steady, hard falling rain.  Being ill prepared for the precipitation I was only wearing shorts, a tee, and my running shoes.   Needless to say I got drenched pretty quickly and was pondering an early turn around but decided to continue, the rain be damned!

A lot of people don’t run in the rain but I love it!   I was totally unconcerned if I looked like a wet mess and had only a brief thought of yesterday’s mascara streaking down my face!   I wiped the rain off my face with my soggy tee shirt and kept going.  As I ran past cars on the road, their drivers dry and warm,  I am sure many thought I was totally off my nut.   Bit I know when I see runners out there braving the elements I tip my imaginary hat as they run on by.  With a bit of envy!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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