Happy Halloween!

Boo!  Ok so I know that's not scary but you know what is?  Sitting on your tushie and letting the world go by! We only have one go around on this big round ball so make every second count!  Need inspiration?  Need a kick in the tushie?  Need a hand to hold as you start …

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Finding the strength within

Summoning your inner strength is necessary when training for and participating in an endurance event.  It may come at mile 20 where you have to dig deep, focus on the end goal and shut out the screaming signals that your body and brain are sending you.  It may come during a triathlon when you have …

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A Unique Finisher’s Medal!

In case you missed this interesting tidbit...courtesy of ACE Fitness (www.acefitness.com) Think You Can't Run a Marathon? Woman Finishes Marathon and Then Gives Birth Most marathon finishers get a shiny medal and soreness for finishing the grueling 26.2-mile race. Amber Miller ended her marathon day with a medal, soreness and a baby — certainly a productive …

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