In Training

People often ask me what I’m training for or what marathon is next and while I may not be “in training” right now for a marathon, I’m always “in training” for something.

Right now I’m “in training” for another sprint triathlon that’s taking place next weekend.  After that I’ll have a break of a few weeks and then will begin another training plan.  The funny thing is that I don’t have my next event mapped out but I will find something that will require me to be “in training”.

So what’s with this “in training” nonsense that I keep blabbering on about?  Well, it’s one of those crazy mental tricks to keep one focused and results oriented.   Training for a specific goal or an event will keep you focused, on task, and trust me, my friend, you will see better results.

Whether your goal is to finally master a set of military pushups, run a sub-9 minute mile or train for a marathon, setting your brain to “in training” mode versus “working out” mode will provide great motivation and will crank up your fitness level.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

One thought on “In Training

  1. totally agree! am not “in training” mode right now and have become kindof a slacker! (weather hasn’t been helping!)


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