It’s Monday!




Welcome to Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead.   Speaking of the week ahead, let’s take a look at your calendar and see what exercise you have planned for the week.    If your calendar is looking a little light in that area, let’s start fresh and put your plan in place.

It’s ok – I’ll wait.  You go get your calendar.

Great, now let’s get started!

Aerobic Conditioning

Pick 4 days this week that you will sweat for 45 minutes of aerobic conditioning.  I don’t care if it’s a Sweatin’ to the Oldies VCR tape, step class, swimming laps or a run around the neighborhood.  Please note that if your cardio of choice is to walk, you need to pump up the intensity.  Find hills, walk fast and with purpose.  A stroll is lovely with your husband after dinner or as you amble with a toddler but if you are walking as your cardiovascular conditioning we need to “Get Real” as Dr. Phil would say and get your butt moving!

Strength Training

Let’s shoot for 2 days of strength training this week.  Hit the YMCA, find a trainer, use rubber resistance tubing or tear out the pages in your recent SELF magazine.  Strength training will build lean tissue, increase metabolism and improve overall conditioning.   Squats, lunges (stationary or walking), hip lifts, side leg raises, pushups, the plank and ab work are a great start if you don’t have any equipment.    Repeat this circuit 2 or 3 times doing 12-15 reps to start.

Great job!  See how easily that fits into your schedule?  Exercise, like brushing your teeth or eating your vegetables should be a non-negotiable on your to do list.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there!  A special shout out goes to my husband Brad (a stellar dad), my dad Ron (who is supportive and a great help) and my father in law Dean (who is steady like a rock).

Today give that special dad in your life a big hug, a kiss and a thank you.  Even if they are kind of gruff and not a huggy type – lay one on them anyway!  And for those of you whose fathers are no longer with us, we honor their memory.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes, sadly, is on the rise in the US.  It used to afflict more Americans in middle age but the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes has increased in younger adults and children.  Type 2 Diabetes is responsible for 90 to 95% of all diabetes cases.  The good news is that simple lifestyle changes can prevent and, in some cases, counter the course of this disease.

To read more about Type 2 Diabetes and how exercise can help with this disease click here.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


No Summer Slacking!

The summer months are just ripe for working out!   If you are tired of the gym get outside and enjoy nature.  Go for a hike with the kids (or with a group of friends), bike to the grocery store, to work or with your kids to their play dates or the park, get in the pool and swim with your kids!  (I know that many women are hesitant to get in a bathing suit around their friends or even family but that’s why board or swim shorts were created!  Don’t let your perceived “figure flaws” stop you from enjoying life.)

Make this summer the one where you keep moving and live the active lifestyle you should be living!

Now go run! (but don’t forget your sunscreen)

Keli 🙂

Totally Tri-Tastic!

I totally get the fun of doing a triathlon!  I just completed my second triathlon this spring and can’t wait to do another one!   What I love about the sprint distance is that the race is relatively short, the training is diverse and it’s cross-training at its best.  Sprint distances vary by race but you can expect are a quarter to half mile swim, 9-12 mile bike ride and a 2-3 mile run.

For a runner like me you would think the run would be a piece of cake but by the end of a ride your legs feel a bit wooden so it takes me about a mile to get in the groove.  I’ve been surprised that my runs have all been at about an 8:35 pace – I guess that is why they feel so hard!  I definitely feel that tri training has improved my running and has made me a faster, more efficient runner.

I’ve signed up for another triathlon, this one in Tiburon on July 31st.  If you are interested in joining me, visit their web page and check it out at

My goal is to shave some time off my bike ride and be more efficient in the water and have fun!

Here are some upcoming triathlons in the Fall!  Check it out.

24th Annual Tri for Real (Pleasanton)- September 18, 2011

700 yd swim, 19 mile bike ride, 4 mile run.

Tri Girl Tri- All Women’s Sprint Triathlon (Napa) – October 1, 2011

1/2 mile swim, 11 mile bike ride, 3 mile run

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Feel Good Tip O’ the Week

I’m a girl of the Oprah Generation and firmly believe that thoughts become actions!   Whether negative or positive you create what you believe.  And since we probably carry enough negative thoughts in our heads that have manifested themselves into reality already, why not give positivity a chance to flourish in that melon of yours.

Try this simple trick for a week and I dare you to tell me you don’t feel better about yourself.  When a negative thought creeps into your brain, counter it with something good.  It sounds silly the first few times you do it but then you will get in the groove.  It goes like this:

Negative thought:  “I look old today”

Positive counter:  “But my freckles are youthful and cute”

Then smile at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you are one smokin’ hot chick .  I swear to you, you will laugh and laughing always makes you feel good!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂