Rallying the Troops!

Working out with a buddy (or buddies) is a great way to stay motivated and be consistent with your exercise.   Ideally your immediate circle of friends are who you can rally to join you for a walk, run, swim, spin or yoga class.  Sometimes, however, you have to look elsewhere to find what your fitness buddy.

Here are a few tips to finding a person or group to exercise with.

Talk It Up
Let it be known in your circle that you are looking for someone with whom you can walk, run or bike and network from there.

Form Your Own Group
My personal favorite! Post on Facebook, email to friends and coworkers, or post a flyer at your kids’ school or at the work bulletin board that you are forming an exercise group.  It can be as simple as walking for 30 minutes at lunch 3 days a week to training for an endurance event.

Check Local Sources
Local running groups, health clubs, shoe stores or bike shops may offer group trainings for free or a fee.  Check out what they have to offer and see if it fits with you.

Go Solo
If you are still having a hard time finding a group, just get out there anyway.  No doubt you’ll inspire others and they will come looking for you!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




2 thoughts on “Rallying the Troops!

  1. sarah irwin

    hey Keli, how’s it going? one more option, if you can’t find training buddies like me, out here in the boonies….. bring your dogs with you! I am always happier when I am running with them than running by myself!


  2. Keli Honsberger

    Doing great Sarah! Thanks for the tip – since we are “cat people” I forgot about the other 4 legged friends!

    Take care,
    Keli 🙂


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