A Pat on the Back!

Hard work deserves recognition!  Today I’d like to give a few shout outs to some gals who deserve a pat on the back.  Since not everyone likes to be publicly acknowledged I will simply use their initials!  Hopefully they recognize themselves and for those of you not mentioned, I hope you get some inspiration!

KL just recently completed a Bikram yoga challenge; 40 classes in 60 days which equates to 3600 minutes of hot yoga!  Her dedication to achieving this goal is an inspiration!

LF has been working very quietly to re-tool her life.  She’s bumped up the fruits and veggies, reduced her consumption of red meat and in spite of a wickedly busy and demanding work schedule (not to mention having 2 little ones and a hubby) she has carved her own path to fitness!  I admire you and all that you have accomplished!

JM just does it.  Biking, swimming, running, yoga – she does it all and without a second thought, even while juggling work, kids and her hubby.  JM is supportive and is a great person to have on any team!  I look forward to see her hard work pay off!

LP is the energizer bunny that just keeps going and going.  Endurance bike event? No problem.  Run a marathon?  Sure.  Even with long breaks in her training schedule, LP gets back on the horse.  Again and again!   Luckily for me she is always up for a challenge, especially if travel is involved!

SM inspires me.  She gives 110% every time and her hard work is paying off in a variety of ways.  I am so excited to see SM achieve her goals and show her that she’s always had an athlete inside her waiting to come out!

CV is a worker bee.  Give her a training schedule and she will make it work!   Always positive, always bringing a “get ‘er done” attitude will take CV farther than she can imagine.

That’s it for today!  If you know someone who is working hard and achieving goals please let me know!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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