Curb Your Sweet Tooth!

Having trouble controlling your sweet tooth?  Here are some great tips from author and fitness guru Tosca Reno.   Her Eat-Clean principles promote the reduction of junky foods in our diet!

Now go run!

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Beat Your Sugar Craving Now! – by Tosca Reno

We all know the feeling: 3 pm rolls around and the craving for something sweet kicks in. Not anymore! With these tips, you’ll beat your sugar cravings every time.

If you Eat Clean all day, you’ll be less likely to develop a craving in the first place. Eating your five or six meals, every two-and-a-half to three hours, will ensure your body is filled with Clean, wholesome foods and you won’t have room left over for those sugar-loaded vending machine chocolate bars.

When you feel a craving coming on, check the clock. It might be almost time to have your next meal. If your cravings arise well before it’s time to eat, try slightly increasing your portions. In turn, you’ll feel satiated between each meal and your body won’t nag you for a quick pick-me-up from sugary treats.

If you’re having trouble refusing dessert, remove yourself from the situation. This could mean simply going for a quick walk while dessert is served at a dinner party, leaving the room at an office party after the cake is cut or refusing the dessert menu after your meal at a restaurant.

Include a planned treat in your weekly menus. If you allow yourself a small amount of something you love, such as dark chocolate or homemade frozen yogurt, instead of choosing a sugar-filled snack, you’ll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling deprived! Try these clean treats!

Replace white sugar in your diet with a Clean substitute. For example, I like to add fresh berries or applesauce to sweeten my oatmeal in the morning. For baked treats, I use Sucanat or rapadura instead of regular sugar. It’s important to remember that even natural sweeteners should be enjoyed in moderation, so don’t overdo it! You can find a list of natural sweetener options on page 221 of The Eat-Clean Diet ® Recharged!

Armed with these tips, you’ll have no trouble sticking to Clean foods, a regular meal schedule, and you’ll beat that sugar craving into next week – or better yet, into oblivion.

Have a Great Eat-Clean Week!

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