All By Myself

During races I have grand plans of running with a pace group or my friends.  Unfortunately these plans rarely stick and I often end up running alone.  While I don’t mind my solo running there are strategies and mental adjustments that I need to make, especially during a half or full marathon.

Runner’s World posted a great article on running solo which is worth a click through!  Visit their website at,7120,s6-238-244–13693-0,00.html?cm_mmc=training-_-2010_11_16-_-training-_-TRAINING%3a%20Lonely%20Race%20Moments

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


2 thoughts on “All By Myself

  1. sarah irwin

    funny you posted this today. I was going to ask you your “plan” for CIM. Before my race on Sunday I checked the CIM website to see if they had a 4:20 pace group. I was surprised that they didn’t! (10min/mile pace!) but they had a 4:15 group. I realized that this was a 9:45 pace and not sure I could handle it but that’s what these training runs are for, right? I wanted to see if I could do it for 20 miles. I was doing fine with the pace but getting annoyed that I had to keep looking at my Garmin and adjusting. I was either going too fast or too slow. Well, at about mile 12 a song came on my ipod that was the perfect beat for my 1:45 pace. So I kept repeating the song figuring it would get me through a few miles…..well, i think you will appreciate this….. I repeated the song for the next 8 miles! I thought I might get sick of it but it was really keeping me going. Let me know what your plan is


  2. Keli Honsberger

    Ok I’m laughing at your 8 mile song repeat. I usually play Justin Timberlake’s “I’m getting sexy back” about three times in a row! LOL

    My plan for the race is to break it up into 4 6-mile segments. Hitting each 6 mile mark in an hour leaving me 30 minutes for the last 2.2 miles – hoping I won’t need 15 minute miles at that point but giving myself that time just in case.

    I’d love to do 4:20. That’s my Happy Goal! LOL


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