Buck Up Little Bucky!

At the urging and encouragement of my Marin soccer league, I recently  joined up with the Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League .  I play with gals who are really good, strong players.  Many of them have been playing for many, many years.  Their skill level is high and they are an aggressive bunch.   Only having come back to soccer after a very long break, I accept the fact that my skill level is not as high as many of the others on my team or the teams we play against but it still bugs me.  I hate the feeling of not doing a very good job, of just bumbling along.

But, like I tell everyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, whether it’s being the last person to finish a run or those who can’t do a full push up, you have to have patience, give it your best and you will get better.   In other words, quit whining and just get out there.  Sound advice for us all!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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