If Not Now…When?

People are procrastinators by nature and I’m including myself in the mix.  Who hasn’t played a computer game (Farmville anyone?) while “working” on a report or taken a nap instead of folding the clothes?  Many of you have set your alarm to get up and exercise only to slam the snooze button for the next hour only to realize you no longer have time to work out.  Now is the time to turn this around and luckily for you I have some tips to help you out!

1.  The snooze button is NOT your friend.   Being re-awoken every 8 minutes is just cruel to you and your bed mate!  If you have problems getting up at the first alarm sound, start going to bed 15-20 minutes earlier.  Having TiVo eliminates the need to stay up to watch “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” so get your butt to bed.

2.  Create a master list of the things you have do but don’t want to do.  Now break that list down and try and tackle one thing per day and try and do that first thing.  You get a lovely sense of accomplishment and that hated thing gets crossed off!

3.  When in doubt, hire it out!  Hate cleaning?  Arrange a service to come in twice or once a month for the heavy duty chores.   If funds are tight, look into bartering with your friends.  You’ll do their filing or help organize their office if they (or their teenagers) weed or mow your lawn.

4.  Exercise.  You knew that would be here.  In general I’ve found that people who exercise on a consistent basis have more energy and are more productive.   Need that boost in the afternoon to finish up work from the office?  Having worked out earlier in the day will ensure you have enough energy to complete the tasks.

Good luck on getting your to-do list done!  Let me know what other tips you have to get over your procrastination.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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