Marathon Training Update

Ok last week Lisa and I tackled our 10-mile run, our first double digit run of our training.   We decided to take advantage of the weather and ran from the Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge down along Chrissy Field, the Marina Green up and over the hill and into Aquatic Park.  Three light posts in to Aquatic Park my Garmin clocked in at 5 miles and it was time to turnaround.   For those of you who haven’t done this run, here’s a blow by blow account of the route.  I’d recommend you give it a shot!

The run starts off by heading south across the Golden Gate Bridge.   You get a spectacular view of San Francisco, the Pacific Ocean and an opportunity to people watch for the entire 1.7 miles across the span.  What you may not realize about running over the bridge is that it’s not flat.  Suspension bridges curve up towards the suspended parts, creating a surprisingly hilly run.  After the bridge you run down the hillside toward the water.  At the base of the stairs you hit the Marina Green.

The Marina Green follows along the waterfront for about 1.75 miles before you hit Chrissy Field.  This part of the run is flat as flat can be and offer more spectacular views.  There are plenty of other runners, walkers, strollers, roller bladers, bikers and clean up crews.  Across from the Marina Safeway is a park that you cut through, taking you up and over a nice hill.  As you run down the backside of the hill you see the swimmers doing laps at Aquatic Park.  Actually, the are not doing traditional laps, but swimming back and forth between two buoys.  I’ve been told that swimming there is just wonderful but in truth, you couldn’t pay me to get in that water!

The turn around point at mile 5 is welcome when doing a 10 mile run.  You have a full view of the Golden Gate Bridge for the entire run once you crest back over the hill away from Aquatic Park.  It looks a long way away from that vantage point but once you hit the downside of the hill, it’s pretty much just a straight shot back.

Another benefit of this route is you can add miles on easily.  Running to Pier 39 and back makes a 12 mile run and if you continue to the Ferry Building and back it’s about 13.  Again, bathrooms and water stops are available all along the route.

So if you want to enjoy some of the best tourist spots in the Bay Area, get to the bridge!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Update

    • We are training for the Portland Marathon! Wanna come with and do the half? Our friend Kim is training for that’s on 10/10/10!


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