App Attack!

Admittedly I’m a little slow on the technology uptake.  I wanted the Iphone but we’re not an AT&T family so I ended up upgrading my old flip phone for the HTC Hero.  This was in December, sadly it took me about 5 months to realize there was a “market” icon where I could download apps.  Truth be told (because I’m nothing if not brutally honest here) my 10 year old clued me in to it or else I’d still be lost!

Now that I know about this nifty feature in my phone, I’m app crazy!  I can watch tv, leave myself notes, play Poke A Mole, find a Starbucks, calculate my tip and many other neat little things.  I enjoy the “Yo Mama” joke app but my daughter found it and it’s just not very PC for a 10 year old to share “Yo Mama is so ugly she made an onion cry” with her Girl Scout troop.

In addition to mindless entertainment, there are a lot of great fitness and health apps out there.  You can count your steps, track a run, count your calories or WW points, determine calories in thousands of foods, find healthy recipes, receive beauty tips, learn about CPR, research medical conditions as well as learn 1000 ways to relax!  The best part is that many of these apps are completely FREE!  What a bonus!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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