Competitive Spirit

News flash!  I am a competitive person.  If you know me at all you are nodding your head vigorously in agreement.

But while I like to win, I am much more concerned and focused about besting myself.    When teaching a class, I focus on doing a good enough job so that my students are getting a good workout, when playing soccer I want to kick the ball into the right spot or be able to maintain control of the ball and in running I want to push myself to be faster, better and  stronger.

Then there are people who are competitive in an “I want to beat you and win” way. They want to beat you across the finish line in a race (even though they may have been trotting gently the entire race) or beat you to the corner office at work.

Whatever your type of competitive nature it’s important to learn to harness that fire and drive to reach your goals.   Find people who can teach you what you need to learn and practice those skills.  Having that under your belt will help you win no matter your style.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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