Tips to Stick With Your Summer Routine

With the kids out of school and summer stretching out with many days of unplanned activities you may need some serious motivation to stay on track with your training.

Here are 5 tips to make your summer routine easier to stick with.

1.  Rise and Shine – A few times a week get your butt out of bed and your workouts done before the family wakes up.

2.  Buddy Up – recruit some friends to schedule group activities.  Whether you go to Pilates, step class or go for a run together, make a plan and stick with it.  Your holding each other accountable is what makes this successful.

3.  Dangle A Carrot – Reward yourself for sticking to your plan.  Whether it’s a manicure or a night out with the girls, plan something fun when you are successful.  Positive reinforcement is a great way to stay motivated.

4.  New + Variety = FUN – Try something new each week.  Sign up for a dance class (they don’t call it “Dance Your Ass Off” for nothing), hit a new trail, experiment with a new class at the YMCA.  Exercise doesn’t have to be so serious, have some fun!

5.  Just Keep Swimming – Why sit on the pool deck while the kids are playing in the pool?  Hop in with them and have some fun.  Race each other to the side, see who can swim underwater the longest,  race to retrieve those dive toys or see who can tread water the longest.

Exercise should enhance your life, not be something to dread.  Adding fun activities to your normal routine helps keep you on track and able to sustain your fitness routine.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


One thought on “Tips to Stick With Your Summer Routine

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