Eat the Rainbow

Let’s make this simple.  If you incorporate a variety of colorful produce in your diet you will be doing yourself a favor.   By adding color to your meals you will automatically reap the vitamins and nutrients that these powerhouse foods deliver.

Here’s a sample color palette that you can easily incorporate into your diet!

Red:  radishes, sweet bell peppers, raspberries, strawberries, apples, cranberries

Purple:  cabbage, eggplant, berries, red onions

Orange:  pumpkin, butternut squash, oranges, tangerines, carrots, apricots, yams, mango, papaya

Yellow: lemons, summer squash, bananas, pineapple, pears

Green:  leafy greens, bell peppers, zucchini, cucumber, collard greens, brussels sprouts, green beans, kale, chard, spinach, granny smith apples, artichokes

White:  garlic, onions, jicama, wax beans, turnips, parsnips, potatoes

Brown:  mushrooms, sunchokes

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


Spring Goal – Get Faster

So I ran the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon with my pals Kim and Katie.  We came in with very good times, I thought.   Katie, disappointed that she missed her goal by about 6 minutes has convinced me that we can (yes, we) can do a Half Marathon in 1:49.  This has, against my better judgement, become our new goal.

We’re going to do the American River Parkway Half Marathon in Sacramento on May 1st and  I’m hoping for a relatively flat-ish course.

In order to reach that goal (which I’ve altered to 1:49:59) we have to maintain an 8:23 pace.  Gulp.  It’s about 30 seconds faster per mile than my previous PR.  Double gulp.

But I have a plan!  I’ve downloaded an intermediate training plan from Dartmouth (you gotta love Google).It’s a 5 day plan with speedwork,  a few easier runs, a run at our race pace and then our long run.  In order to reach my goal I will have to stick with it pretty consistently.   I’ll keep you posted on our (my) progress and we’ll see what happens.

Any tips are encouraged! Email me at

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I love birthdays.  Mine, yours, complete strangers, whatever.  I am the first to join in and sing for people at restaurants when they bring out the birthday flan and am a big fan of giving tiara’s to my friends on their birthdays.  Because don’t we all deserve to be a princess one day a year?

I know I’m getting older and while not thrilled with any additional lines or puffiness under the eyes, I’m ok with not being 25, or even 35 any longer.   At 43, (it seems a lot older when I type it than how I actually feel)  I can run faster and longer than I could 10 years ago, my body is stronger and healthier than it was in my mid-20’s.

All in all, I’m happy to be 43.  I’ve earned each and every one of those years.  I have a wonderful husband who I adore, 2 great kids who I love more than I thought possible and a fantastic group of friends.  I’ll take that over being 25!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Practicing What I Preach

Yesterday was a tough day for me.  Our cat Barnaby, who we’ve had for almost 17 years had to be put down in the morning.  We’re not sure how old he was when we picked him up from the Humane Society in 1994 but we estimate that he was close to 19 years old.  We should all live so long!

To add insult to injury I received a call from my biggest client (as I was driving home from the vet no less) letting me know that they were bringing most of the work I was doing for them “in house”.  Meaning I lost about 90% of my job.


To be completely honest with you (as I always try to be) I want to sit around and wallow.  I’d rather sit in my jammies and eat waffles drenched in syrup than do anything productive.  And while it’s appealing to exit from society and have a ‘woe is me’ day, it’s not a decision that would make it a ‘good for me’ day.

And that’s not to say it’s bad to have a wallow day.  We all need to take a break. But you need to know when that wallow day has a potential to be more than that.  And since I have a feeling that one day could turn into many more,  I’m going to do what I tell everyone.  I’m getting myself off the computer chair, into some running clothes and getting myself out the door.   In the end, it’s what I really need.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Olympic Fever

I’m so happy the Olympics are here.  Each night our family settles in for the fun.  Speed skating, short track, snowboard cross, the luge, alpine skiing, you name it – we’re sold!  We’re using lingo such as ‘skiing the line”, “heli” and “the McTwist 1080” like it’s our native tongue.  Shaun, Lindsey, Apollo, Shanni and JR are our new friends.

The thing I love best about the Olympics is the complete dedication of the athletes to achieve their personal goals.  Sacrifice, victory and defeat are a part of their lives. They embrace the challenge and rise to it.  What’s not to love about that?

Now go run!

Keli 🙂