Year End Wrap Up

As the year closes out I want to take a minute, pause, reflect and offer gratitude. To those of you who check in weekly and read this blog, I thank you for including me in your day. To those of you who join me in the wee early hours for boot camp - I enjoy …

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10 Ways to Get Fit After the Holidays!

Ask anyone at the school drop-off circle, co-workers or the barista at Starbucks and you'll find the most popular New Year's Resolution is to get in shape, lose weight or some variation.  As the rise in jeans gets lower, you can add "lose the muffin top" to that list. Here are my top 10 ways …

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An Inexpensive But Valuable Gift!

Give your friends, family and loved ones a gift that keeps giving.  That's right, a FREE subscription to the Marin BreakfastKlub Runner blog! To the right of the page, click on Email Subscription and you can enter your loved ones email addresses.   They will receive updates in their mailbox and can easily forward them to …

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