Year End Wrap Up

As the year closes out I want to take a minute, pause, reflect and offer gratitude.

To those of you who check in weekly and read this blog, I thank you for including me in your day.

To those of you who join me in the wee early hours for boot camp – I enjoy your company and love to see you get stronger.

To the friends I run with, thanks for getting me out there.  Special thanks to my pal Lisa who’s always game, Kim for showing me how much fun “running  the ridge”  can be and Katie who inspires me to set goals and reach them.

To my family who secretly thinks I’m off my  nut but supports me anyway.

Happy New Year and here’s to an exceptional 2010!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


10 Ways to Get Fit After the Holidays!

Ask anyone at the school drop-off circle, co-workers or the barista at Starbucks and you’ll find the most popular New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape, lose weight or some variation.  As the rise in jeans gets lower, you can add “lose the muffin top” to that list.

Here are my top 10 ways to get fit after the holidays.  Even if you only try a few tips from the list, I guarantee you’ll be in better shape come January 31.

1.  Set a manageable goal.  Whether it be to walk 30 minutes 5 days a week or go to Yoga, set a goal and (here’s the trick) stick to it.  Once you set a goal, be sure to write your goal in your calendar, on a post-it stuck to your bathroom mirror or on the butter dish in the fridge.  Studies show that people who write goals down achieve more than those who don’t.  Or maybe I made that up, but it makes sense.

2.  Walk more.  With the malls still packed with out of school teenagers and Moms entertaining toddlers, the parking lots are still full so stop circling the lot looking for that closer spot.  Park as far away as you can to get in some extra steps.   When school gets back in session, consider parking  a quarter mile or so away and hoofing it the rest of the way with your grade schooler.  Exercise is good for them too.

3.  Sign up for a class.   Boot camp, spin, step, cardio funk, yoga, Jazzercise or even Tai Kwon Do are great options.  Going to a class guarantees other people to sweat with and a unique camaraderie that comes with pain and suffering.

4.  Push ups, squats and sit ups are your friends.  Not everyone likes to or has time to strength train.  If this is your situation, make a commitment to do push ups, squats and abs at least 3 days a week.  My husband rolls out of bed a few mornings a week literally straight to the floor for 25 push ups and some crunches.   I can’t quite get him to the squat part yet, but I try.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you will get stronger just by doing these moves.

5.  Give yourself some time to see results.  Many times we are in such a hurry to see results that if they don’t happen yesterday we get discouraged and frustrated.  It takes time and commitment to get stronger, fitter or to lose weight.  Be patient and the results will come.

6.  Try a new sport.  Long to be a runner?  Wish you could play tennis better?  Have a desire to play adult soccer?  Just do it!  Look at your local rec center for information or rally a few friends and have regular pick up games or go for a group run.

7.  Get the kids involved.  Bike riding, playing tag, hiking in the hills are great ways to foster family time and get the whole family exercising.

8.  Sign up for a charity event.   Walk, run, bike or hike your way to fitness and raise money for worthy causes.  Your nominal registration to these groups provides you with professional coaches, training plans and built-in training buddies.

9.  Turn to video games.   That’s right, load up Wii Fit or EA Sports Active Personal Trainer and get moving.   Just don’t tell your kids you’re using their “toy” for exercise.  It will ruin it for them forever!

10.  Stop waiting until you get in better shape to get in shape.  I promise you that no one at the YMCA or on the trail cares if you are out of shape or overweight.  Get some clothes you feel good wearing and get out the door.  You’ll never regret it.  I promise.

Good luck on your journey to health and fitness.  Let me know how it goes!  By the way, visit Twittermoms to find out more tips on getting back on track!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


Post-Holiday Plans

Do you have any post-holiday plans?  Post-holiday get-back on the wagon plans, I mean?

Even if you overindulged this past weekend or are currently halfway into a box of See’s candies here are a few tips to get you back on track.

1.  Clear the decks.  Out of sight really is out of mind so stash the snacks and toss the treats to the back of the cupboard.   Place some fresh oranges or shiny red apples in a bowl on your counter top instead.  When a sugar craving hits, grab some tasty fruit instead.

2.  Up the intensity.  Add some high-intensity intervals to your normal cardio workout.   Every few minutes, increase your speed for 2 minutes.  The extra workload will burn more calories and improve your cardiovascular system.

3.  Don’t forget the iron.   Cardiovascular exercise is important but don’t forget the benefits of strength training.  Lifting weights or doing resistance training builds muscle strength which in turn increases metabolism.   Simply put, by increasing muscle, your body will burn more calories even at rest.

4.  Hydrate.  Water, water, water is a key to a healthy lifestyle.    Thirst is often mistaken as hunger so be sure to drink your fill of the clear stuff.  A key indicator to being properly hydrated is pale urine.  Gross, but true.

5.  Set goals.  If you are finding yourself unmotivated and out of control with your eating set a few goals.  Whether it be to run a race,  create a food journal or drink 8 glasses of water a day – set a goal and reward yourself when you reach it.

I hope these tips help get you back on track.  Let me know how it works.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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