Calling All Runners

What do YOU love about running?  The silence? Your Ipod?  The trails, the flats, the heat, the chill of a foggy morning?  Love the way it keeps you trim and fit, how it sculpts your legs?  Do you enjoy being able to eat that brownie guilt free or grabbing a beer with your friends after a long trail run on a Saturday afternoon?  Do you enjoy hopping on that treadmill and running for an hour while watching Dr. Phil?

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I really want to hear what you LOVE about running!

Now go run!



Family Style

I consider myself to be an active person.  I run 3 or 4 days a week, do bootcamp 2 or 3 days a week and walk up a few of the local trails in my  neighborhood.  My husband Brad is an active person too.  He plays golf a few times a week and likes (likes?) to hit the gym 3 times a week.  My daughter plays sports year round and loves to run around with her friends.  Then there’s my son.  At 3 1/2 he’s all activity.

So yes, we’re all active.  Just not together.  As you might notice, we all have our own separate activities.  When we’re done with those activities we come back home.  Housework, homework, yardwork, mindless tv time, naps if we can get them (although not my daughter, she wants it clear that she DOES NOT nap).   We have errands to run, dinner to make and then couches to collapse on.

This weekend I wanted us to get OUT and do something.  After quite a lot of nagging and bribing on my part, I was able to get my family out on a “hike” this past weekend.  So we packed up and headed off to Olompoli State Park in Novato.  Our  “hike”, which was more of a stroll or a meander,  with me watching the grass for snakes (I counted 2) and Alexa on the look out for mountain lions lasted about 30 minutes.   The last snake sighting had me running down the path to the car faster than you can say “garter snake”.

This is how it usually goes.   We normally spend more time in the car and having lunch than we do at our activity.  Brad and I have joked on numerous occaisions that our activity of choice on the weekend IS lunch.

This summer, however, I have committed our family to more activity.  Family activity.    I’ll let you know how it goes.  After we grab some lunch, we’ll get out there.

Now Go Run!


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Pet Peeve of the Week

Let me first say that I love animals.   In our home we currently have two cats and a rat named Sparkle.  I grew up with cats, dogs, goldfish and  hermit tree crabs.  So I DO love animals.  It’s animal owners that I’m not always too fond of.

We have a small, but perfectly nice front lawn that is my husband’s pride and joy.  True there is a slight splurge problem going on and some crabgrass  among the fancy lawn that he grew from seed, but Brad takes great pride in it.  Mowing it compulsively, edging, fixing the sprinklers that I back over in my car.

The lawn looks nice and we tended.  It is obviously a lawn that someone works on.  So I do not understand how someone can let their dog just squat and poop on my lawn.    To me, it’s like letting my 3 year old poop on your living room floor.  You just don’t do that.  It’s someone’s property.  Someone’s home.

While most pet owners rush right after and pick up the steaming mess in their little baggie (don’t even get me started on those baggies) I don’t know if they realize that even though they remove the main “offender”  there is still something left behind on my lawn?  Some remnant that stuck to the grass.  The grass my children play on.

Ugh.  It just grosses me out.

I can hear it now “but Keli, I am responsible, I pick up the mess, I walk my dog on a leash, I’m a responsible dog owner”.  I am sure you are.  I have some very good friends who are fantastic pet owners.  And they take care to take their dog (with baggies in tow) to the local dog park, open space, park, dirt lot.   They don’t use their neighbors lawn as a doggie potty.

So if you live in the suburbs and don’t have access to the wide open spaces of, say, a prairie, please check out your local yellow pages for  a dog park.  Your dog and your neighbors will thank you.

Now go run! (But watch where you step).


Friends You Can Run To

As I wrote earlier, a friend of ours has cancer.  He is the salt of the earth and when I tell you that he (and his family) are the last people on earth who deserve to go through this, I am not kidding.

The fundraiser that was held for his family this weekend was simply incredible.  Over 200 people showed up, bid on silent and live auction items and basically dropped off money for this family.   Debbie and I collected the money for the silent auction items and we were in awe at the amount of money that was raised.  Friends were called and they answered.

As we left, I stopped to visit Paul’s wife for a minute.  She thanked us for coming and for our phone calls.   After a hug I told her that they, her family, was the reason for the turnout.   Because of their kindness, friendship and love for their friends -their friends came to help.  In droves.

The lesson of that night for me was to make sure that I try to always be the friend I want to have.   Loyal.  Caring.  Compassionate.  Non-judgemental.  Funny.  Honest.

Now go run!  And please say a prayer for the Zischka family while you’re at it.


Get Wet!

My friend Ilyana has been suffering (and I mean suffering) with foot problems.     A case of plantar fasciatis has morphed into bone spurs and she is forced to alternate wearing a big black boot on her feet.  She’s still in pain and is frustrated that she can’t exercise like she used to.

She has been riding a stationary bike a few days a week and doing some water exercises.  I suggested (as I often do without much provocation or invitation) that she include water running.  Yes.  Water running.

Water running is an activity that mimics the mechanics of running without any of the impact of regular running.  You only need a pool that’s at least 6 feet deep and a flotation belt (you can purchase one at Target, a pool supply store or any sporting goods store).

To do the exercise, put the belt on snugly and get into the deep end of the pool.  You should keep your elbows beneath the water for maximum benefit.  Now start running, using your arms as you normally would.    You will find that you need to take some larger strides to feel the effects of the workout.

Be prepared to bob around the pool a bit and you will move forward, albeit slowly.  Maintain this workout for 45 minutes to get a good cardio workout.

You can also alternate water running with lap swimming.  15 minutes of water running, 15 minutes of lap swimming, etc.  You’ll work your muscles differently but still maintain your cardiovascular fitness.

Now go run (or swim)!


May 9 – Stamp Out Hunger!

The Letter Carrier Food Drive takes place on Saturday, May 9.    To participate in this event all you need to do is leave a bag of non-perishable food items next to your mail box.   Your letter carrier will collect your donation and bring it back to their home post office.

Volunteers at the post office will then transport the food directly to the local food bank.  In our neck of the woods, that would be the Marin Community Food Bank on Digital Drive in Novato.

The Marin Community Food Bank supports a variety of different programs to help feed the hungry in Marin.   The food you donate goes directly to hungry families, the ill and elderly.

Items such as peanut butter, oatmeal, canned meats, soups, beans, vegetables and fruit are perfect items to donate.  Please consider getting a few extra items this week at the grocery store and leave a bag by your mailbox.

If you wish to find out more about this upcoming event or would like to volunteer or make a donation to the Marin Community Food Bank, please visit their website at or contact them at 415-383-1302.

Please help to Stamp Out Hunger.

Now go run!