Joy of Running

Ask a group of runners what other exercises they do (other than run) and you might get some blank stares.  Runners generally, well, run.  That IS their exercise of choice, either for convenience, pure love of the sport or are training for an event.

Running can be of the Amish nature (shoes, shirt, shorts) or one of technical Nirvana (GPS watch, Ipod, heart rate monitor).  You can run in the urban jungle (street, track, playground) or in the middle of suburbia (trails, parks or soccer fields).

You can run anywhere, anytime in any conditions (yes they sell snow treads for your running shoes).    You can run if you are tall or short, thin or “husky”, strong or weak.  You can run with speed and grace or plod along like a tired mule in the field.

The bottom line is that running is a made-to-order sport.  Pick the time, day and place you want to run and go for it.

Now go run!


Love to hear where your favorite run spot is.   Leave a comment here for others to see!


Wind Whipped and Wiped Out

When pondering what to write about on Facebook this morning, I got a comment from my friend Stacie suggesting that  I write about how to walk or run in the wind.  So here goes and thanks to Stacie for the idea.

Three Steps for Easier Running/Walking in the Wind

1.  Lean forward slightly at the ankles.  Try this  – stand in place and bend forward slightly at the ankles.   Feel yourself falling forward?    That’s gravity.  Use it.

2.  Use your arms.  They are a powerful source of locomotion when facing wind (and hills).  Your arm speed dictates your feet speed.  Faster your arms go, faster your feet go, faster you go.

3.  Imagine yourself slicing through the wind.   When you are facing a strong headwind, your first instinct is to fight against it.  Ignore this response and imagine your body cutting through the wind, not forcing against it.

Give these simple tips a try and let me know how they work.   It’s nice and blustery today so get moving!

Now go run!


Blog Carnival (Cotton Candy Not Included)

Hey running and fitness enthusiasts, I found a nifty new website for you.  Check out It’s a co-op of blogs and articles from the web that are organized in different “carnivals” or categories.

A blog entry I submitted was accepted and appears in this month’s health and fitness carnival.  If you have a minute, click on this link and scroll to the VERY bottom of the page

Now go run!


Back to the Hills

Finally I was able to hit the hills again.  The cold is gone and the ankle, while still a tad puffy is fine when taped up tight.   Our run yesterday began at Crown Road, up to Hoo-Koo-EE-Koo, along the ridge to Huckleberry and down to the main fire road back to the starting point.

I was very cautious on the run, a nod to my floppy ankles and I did feel my lungs screaming for air as we traveled up Hoo-Koo-EE-Koo but one we leveled out (albeit briefly) it was a very pleasant and enjoyable run.   I haven’t been out to that part of the trail before and now that I know the loop and where to go I can take some friends up there without fear of getting us lost.

When I get to experience a new trail, it re-affirms my appreciation of where we live and the absolute bounty of outdoor fun to experience.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

The Agony of the DNF

I got my first ever DNF this past weekend.  For those who aren’t up to the lingo, a DNF means Did Not Finish and is the designation given to runners who quit a race.    Mine was especially embarrassing because I didn’t even line up to start the race!!  Didn’t even make it to the event.

First the ankle, which is still puffy and twinges during certain activities.   After a week of limping around the house I went for my first run to test it out.  As long as I didn’t hit a root or twist on a rock I figured I could manage the half marathon.

Then came the cold.  A cold like one I’ve not had since 2005.   Sore scratchy throat, blocked nose, fatigue.  I thought I was getting better after a few days and then it settled into my chest and my voice turned into something that sounded like a cross between the Devil in The Exorcist and Brenda Vacarro (sp?) after about 4 packs of cigarettes.

Not surprisingly (because I am stubborn and a bit competitive),  it took me until Saturday night to face the fact that running a race was NOT in my best interest.  So I bailed on the entire event and went for a short, easy run instead.   Needless to say, that simple little run took its toll and I sat on the couch for the rest of the day, feeding my newly acquired DayQuil habit.

So here I sit, a member of the DNF group.  Am I bummed?  You bet.  Do I regret not running?  No.  I think I made the right decision, as painful as it was to admit.   My plan is to get 100% healthy, get my real voice back and start training for a half marathon in Alameda.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

A Friend Indeed!

An original member of the Marin BreakfastKlub Runners, Tracey, came back to the Bay Area for a visit this past weekend.  She and her family moved to Dallas just a bit over two years ago and boy have we missed her!

We logged many, many miles together during the 5 years that we ran together and Tracey was always the rabbit that I tried, but failed to catch.  Not that I had any rivalry with her, I just always looked up to the fluidity and the ease in which she ran and hoped to be able to keep up with her one day.    She will deny that she runs with fluidity and ease, because she’s a gracious friend as well!

We did a couple of runs and enjoyed being able to chat with her again!  She ran slowly so I could keep up with her (as I suffer through a nasty cold) and it felt like old times again.   You realize as you get older that it’s not the number of friends you have, it’s the friendship you have that matters.

So call a good friend, tell them that you love them and Go Run!

Keli 🙂

Fundraiser for a Friend

A very good friend of ours Paul Zischka (Foothill HS Class of 1982) has been diagnosed with an aggressive inoperable cancer.

Over the years, Paul has given to his community, schools, Scouting, clubs, charities and everyone around him without question or compromise.   His diagnosis gives him only a small window of quality living.

The Zischka Family is faced with mounting financial responsibilites.   We are asking for your help as a community to pull together and give to Paul as he has given to all of us.

Please join us for an evening of food, drink, good friends and – most of all – fundraising.

WHERE : The Hopyard Ale House in Pleasanton
WHEN:  Saturday, May 9th from 6 pm to 9 pm
ADMISSION $50.00 ea includes Tri-Tip or Chicken Dinner

RSVP to Leonard Plant:

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND:  Donations of any amount are appreciated to The Zischka Family Trust C/O Wells Fargo Bank, 900 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA  94566  ACCT# 70646498432

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Now go hug your family, call you friends and tell them you love them and most imporantly, go run.