Joy of Running

Ask a group of runners what other exercises they do (other than run) and you might get some blank stares.  Runners generally, well, run.  That IS their exercise of choice, either for convenience, pure love of the sport or are training for an event. Running can be of the Amish nature (shoes, shirt, shorts) or …

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Wind Whipped and Wiped Out

When pondering what to write about on Facebook this morning, I got a comment from my friend Stacie suggesting that  I write about how to walk or run in the wind.  So here goes and thanks to Stacie for the idea. Three Steps for Easier Running/Walking in the Wind 1.  Lean forward slightly at the …

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Blog Carnival (Cotton Candy Not Included)

Hey running and fitness enthusiasts, I found a nifty new website for you.  Check out It's a co-op of blogs and articles from the web that are organized in different "carnivals" or categories. A blog entry I submitted was accepted and appears in this month's health and fitness carnival.  If you have a minute, …

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