Rockin’ Resources

We runners are a nosy bunch.  We want answers to our burning questions.  Where's the closest 10K?   How should I go about speed work?   What should my pace be for an upcoming marathon?  Where can I find inexpensive running shorts?  Where can I find a trail map for Mt. Tam? In this day and age, …

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Don’t be Daft

I almost ran into a runner last night.  In my SUV.  I mean, I wasn't really going to hit him, but I didn't see him at all until I was almost next to him.  And no, it was not because I was on my cell phone or that my truck is so big I can't …

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Getting to the Core of the Situation

In this month's issue of Runner's World magazine (February 2009) there is a great article on the benefits of core training for runners (pages 55-58).  For those of you who don't get out much, core training refers to exercises that strengthen your torso (think abs and your back). Having a strong core helps to power …

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