Resist the Resolution

My good pal Katie recently asked me if I had any New Year’s Resolutions. Back in the day, when I liked to torture and then punish myself, they were of the usual variety; starve to lose a few pounds and submit to a ridiculously intense exercise program. I think the last resolution I made was  …

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Five Fave Runs

There are great places to run in Marin.  I've included five that I do on a regular basis and that I enjoy.  I will also be listing some of my favorite longer runs for those of you who like to do more than 6 or  7 miles.  Enjoy! Tennesee Valley (Mill Valley) 3 miles This …

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Cookies and Candy and Sweets. Oh My!

If you have struggles like I do this time of year, then you will appreciate and understand today's post.  My house is a veritable battlefield and the war is me versus Christmas treats. I have boxes of See's candy in the cupboard, a completed gingerbread house sitting on my counter, pumpkin bread in the refrigerator, …

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